Whitecaps FC BC Soccer REX Quebec

Whitecaps FC BC Soccer REX surpass expectations on U-15 trip to Quebec

Our Whitecaps FC BC Soccer REX program was busy this past weekend, sending a U-15 squad across the country to take part in a series of matches in Quebec, hosted by the Quebec Soccer Federation.
The ‘Caps took on the Quebec REX program as well as the Ontario provincial program. The team featured players born in 2002 and 2003, as well as a few players born in 2001. The majority of players were from the Whitecaps FC BC Soccer REX squad, with four players also joining from the Whitecaps FC Alberta South REX program.
All in all, head coach Emma Humphries was pleased with the weekend and the development and progress shown from the young ‘Caps group.
“Their performances surpassed my expectations,” Humphries told whitecapsfc.com. “It was a great opportunity to showcase our best talent from the West against quality opponents. It’s really exciting to see this new group coming through.”
For more information on the Whitecaps FC BC Soccer REX program, visit whitecapsfc.com/rex.
First name Last name
Stella Downing
Joanna Verzosa-Dolezal
Hannah Duguid
Aleisha Ganief
Aly Hay
Emma Hooton
Chantaya Ipsen
Syah Mangat
Emily McCue
Danielle Mosher
Mia Pante
Daniela Ramirez
Ali Remington
Maya Rogers
Omeha Sandhu
Sophia Siebel
Grace Stordy
Andersen Williams