Academy Centre Players of the Month

Academy Centre Players of the Month - February 2019

Whitecaps FC Academy Centres are a network of regional training hubs linked through key staff, curriculum, and standards that provide professional supplemental club training for serious, motivated players. Whitecaps FC currently have a network from coast to coast, including locations in Kamloops, the Kootenays, Manitoba, Northern BC, the Okanagan, Squamish, Vancouver, and Vancouver Island, as well as in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. For more information, visit and select the academy in your region.

Below are the Whitecaps FC Academy Centre Players of the Month for February 2019.

Fraser Valley Academy Centre 

Name: Drew Huston
What his coaches say: "Drew had a great January and has been close to winning the player of the month on numerous occasions. Although February has been been snowed out, he has made big strides in the last six months in his technical ability. Drew always arrives early and supports the coaches setting up - a truly great character! Keep it up Drew."
Name: Liliana Barsch
What her coaches say: "Watching Liliana grow as a person and a player has been fascinating. When she first arrived she was slightly shy and often stood back in games. Now she looks to dribble with the ball and now takes care of the ball every time she has it. She also brings an infectious smile along with a great attitude to train as well as been very chatty and approachable with the coaches. Keep it up Liliana."

London Academy Centre 
Name: Alexis Tsaprailis
Birth Year: 2006
Hometown: Sarnia, Ontario
What her coaches say: "Alexis joined our U-14 OPDL girls team full-time this season as an underage player. She is also one of the few U13-aged players to play in Ontario's U-14 provincial team where she continues to impress. Great attitude and a pleasure to coach."
Name: Dante D'Oria
Birth Year: 2005
Hometown: London, Ontario
What his coaches say: "A skilled attacking central midfielder, Dante continues to excel with the U-14 OPDL boys, earning a trip to Vancouver for the High Potential Prospects Camp with the top U-15 and U-16 players in the country this month. Dante is also in the Ontario provincial U-14 team. Keep up the great work Dante."

Okanagan Academy Centre

Name: Morgan Powrie
Birth Year: 2007
What her coaches say: "Morgan Joined the Kelowna academy this past spring and has continued through this fall phase with the Vernon academy. We are glad she is making the trip each week as we have been very impressed with her hard work and her technical ability."
Name: Hudson Hicks
Birth Year: 2008
What his coaches say: "Hudson is training in the older age group with players two or three years older than him and he is more than holding his own. He always works hard but he has a good understanding of the game for someone so young and we are really excited to see him develop in the future." 

Sea to Sky Academy Centre

Name: Ella Dunn
What her coaches say: "Ella has improved so much in only seven weeks! All of the coaches have commented how much more comfortable she looks on the ball and receiving and passing under pressure. I was delighted to see her grab a hat-trick in our recent in-house futsal games. Well done Ella!"
Name: Lukyn Horsely
What his coaches say: "Lukyn is a really humble and likeable young boy. He has excellent dribbling skills as well as improving his first touch and passing range more recently. We have played futsal in the academy this past month, and this seems to be bringing out some other skills I did not know Lukyn had! Keep it up Lukyn as you are a joy to coach."

UBC Academy Centre

Name: Annika Montagano
What her coaches say: "Although relatively new to the program, Annika has made a huge impression on all of the coaches. Her personality shines through in each session and she is maturing into an excellent all-around player! I think Annika could become a leader on and off the pitch if she truly believes in herself like we do as coaches. Keep improving and working hard and the sky is the limit!"
Name: Yuki Enns
What her coaches say: "Coaching Yuki over a 12-month period has been a joy. Her attitude is outstanding and she always gives 💯 in everything she does. Yuki is able to travel with the ball at high speeds, recognising passing opportunities whilst reacting to transitional moments well. She is ahead of her age in terms of her vision and awareness which has led to her playing up with older girls where she is thriving. Keep it up Yuki, you have a great future ahead of you in the sport!"
Name: Fernando Caitoira
What his coaches say: "Fernando has been a key part of our program for some time now. He truly deserves this award through hard work, humility, and his technical excellence shown in this time. He produced an outstanding homework in the past few weeks, highlighting how committed he is to one day play for the Whitecaps and the national team! I look forward to follow your progression Fernando! Well done."