HPP Challenge BMO 2019
Bob Frid / Vancouver Whitecaps FC

BMO Academy Report: Nearly 400 youth players take part in fourth annual HPP Challenge

Close to 400 boys and girls youth players from across British Columbia and Yukon took part in the fourth annual Whitecaps FC BMO Academy Centres HPP Challenge this past weekend. This included players from the Mainland centres, as well as further locations in the Kootenays, Northern BC, the Okanagan, and Vancouver Island.  All training and matches took place at Minoru Park in Richmond, BC.
Bob Frid / Vancouver Whitecaps FC
“This was another fantastic weekend to bring players together from our regional programs,” said Marinos Papageorgopoulos, Whitecaps FC BMO Academy Centres director. “We maintain the same philosophies and curriculum throughout our centres and it is always pleasing to see an equal understanding and strong progression among a wide group of players who have been coached in different regions. What this event then does is challenge these players in a new environment to continue to grow their love for the game and their technical and tactical skillset.”
Bob Frid / Vancouver Whitecaps FC
The event is used to identify players for the High Potential Prospects (HPP) program, and to select players to represent the program at a 2020 event.
For more information on the Whitecaps FC BMO Academy System, visit whitecapsfc.com/academy.