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Team Training Ideas presented by Enerex: Goalkeeper 1v1

In preparation for your team's return to the pitch, our MLS Academy coaches are teaming up with Enerex to provide training drills to learn during your time at home.

Today we hear from MLS Academy goalkeeper coach Raegyn Hall.

This session focuses on 1v1 live onto goal.  The goalkeeper has the ability to utilize the block or smother technique in a number of controlled situations. The session builds into live 1v1 onto goal with additional recovering defender
Player Numbers: 
Balls, cones, flat markers, goal.
Playing area is set in the 18 yard box. Coach or Player (1) plays into Player (2) who send wide player into 1v1 onto goal. Goalkeeper closes down to smother or block. The decision/positioning of the goalkeeper is based on the 1st touch of the attacker and the angle of the dribbler. Attacks come from the right & left side.
  • Player (1) can act as a recovering defender.  This now adds communication to the situation and an understanding of the role of the defender.
  • Live 1v1s with either shot or dribble.

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