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Team Training Ideas presented by Enerex: Offensive Transition

In preparation for your team's return to the pitch, our MLS Academy coaches are teaming up with Enerex to provide training drills to learn during your time at home.

Today we hear from MLS Academy U-17 head coach Rich Fagan.

Moment: Offensive Transition 

Secure & Attack with Overloads.  
Player Numbers: 
12 to 18. This example uses 15 outfield players + 2 GKs (11 attackers & 4 defenders + 2 GKs). 
Balls, bibs, cones, pugg goals & big goals. 
The exercise should be physically demanding therefor the players need space to run & reach high speeds. This example stretches box to box & the width of the box with two counter goals (pug goal) in each half. Play will always start from a big goal – attacking players are positioned next to each goal post on both sides. Two resting defenders are positioned in the half the attack is starting in. Two active defenders are at the halfway line awaiting the attack. Two resting attackers one on each side at halfway. Another central attacker who is active & rotates with the two other central attackers. Rotate defensive positional roles when the coach is ready. 
  • Play starts & re-starts with one of the two attackers (positioned next to a goalpost) dribbling out or passing to a “#9 or #10” type replicating the action of securing possession after a regain & creating a counterattack.
  • Both attackers support the pass & progress towards the opposite goal defended by two defenders & a GK (3v2 attack).
  • If the attackers score or miss the goal the next wave repeats the process from the same side play ended.
  • If the defenders regain possession or GK collects the ball they play towards the counter goals in the opposite half.
  • The next wave repeats the process from the same side play ended.
Objectives/Tactical Expectations
  • Play forward quickly
  • Create & use overloads
  • Take as few touches as possible
  • Be direct
  • Shoot when there is opportunity
  • Maintain a high level of intensity

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