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Team Training Ideas presented by Enerex: Crossing & Finishing

In preparation for your team's return to the pitch, our MLS Academy coaches are teaming up with Enerex to provide training drills to learn during your time at home.

Today we hear from MLS Academy U-19 head coach Ricky King.

Moment/Phase: Offensive Organization – Create and Finish

Topic: Individual Development Plan Work / Crossing and Finishing   

Player Numbers: 22 Players (can be adapted as needed) 

In the picture I have 11 players in positions they would play so the activity is functional. You would just run this with a 2nd group in all the same positions shown. 


Balls, Bib’s, Cones, x 6 Mannequins and a full sized goal. 


As shown above. 6 mannequins placed in functionally appropriate area to give you a back 2 and midfield 4. 


Phase 1 – Ball from CM to FB who breaks line and plays into the ACM and CF who combine around the mannequins to create a shot on goal (defenders allow this to happen). 

Phase 2 – Ball from WF (who then starts to join in the box to create 3 vs 2 for the cross) into FB (replicating need to switch play) who plays to the CM. The CM then hits a driven/lofted pass into the winger. The FB then underlaps (or overlaps depending on position of WF, or could even instigate overlap with movement) and is given a pass to cross to the 3 players in the box. The 2 CB’s would drop in on the switch of play and then have to defend the 3 attackers. The objective is to either score (Attackers) or prevent goal (CB’s and GK). 

Phase 3 – A lofted pass by the weak side CM into CB (to head) as they are coming back out after defender the cross. 


  • Combination Play of - 1, ACM and CF. 2, WF and FB
  • Passing techniques of the FB (on the entry pass, they may have to go over pressure) and CM (playing in front of pressure vs over pressure). 

Objectives/Tactical Expectations: 

Functional Technical Work 

  1. FB – Entry passes into forward players, Underlap/Overlap and crossing from different areas of the field
  2. WF – Combination play with FB, Attacking Crosses at the box post 
  3. CM – Short passing quality, 1st touch and variation of switch of play pass (Driven, Lofted) 
  4. ACM and CF – Combination Play and Finishing 
  5. CB’s – Defending Crosses and Defensive Heading long direct balls 
  6. GK – Shot Stopping and Dealing with Crosses 

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