Enerex - U-15 midfielder - Thomas Budisa

Team training ideas by Enerex: Playing from the back

In preparation for your team's return to the pitch, our MLS Academy coaches are teaming up with Enerex to provide training drills to learn during your time at home.

Today we hear from MLS Academy U-15 head coach Scott Howey.

Moment/Phase: Offensive Organization – Build up


The focus of this session is the wide CB’s decision making when playing from the back looking to break the oppositions 1st line of pressure.  

Player Numbers: 



Balls, flat cones, and 5 small goals (pugg’s). 


Players are split into two team and set up into positions as shown. 


  • Play begins from sever (player or coach) who plays into the blue back 3. 
  • Blue's look to score on one of the three small goals. The two blue targets are limited to the shaded area. 
  • The red team must start behind the yellow line and then can engage once 1st pass is played. They are allowed to defend the blue's in the shaded area.
  • If the reds regain the ball they look to score on one of the two small goals beside the server.  
  • If either of the blue targets receive the ball they must set the pass for one of the blues supporting underneath to score on a pug. Or switch the ball across to the other blue target using two touches who can then score on the wide pug. 
  • Rotate the players positionally (including targets) as needed. 
  • All goals = 1 point. 

Objectives/Tactical Expectations: 

  • WB, CM and WF (represented by target) getting open based on the timing of the pass and pressure on the wide CB. 
  • If the opposition take away central pass; WB provides angle to receive (ideally behind opposition WF). 
  • If the opposition take away wide pass central lane open for Target to receive higher. 
  • Progress to focus on the support of the CM based on passing options (how they support wing back and show for CB if highest target is taken away).

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