Skills Camp Staff

Sam Lenarduzzi

Camp head coach and former Whitecaps FC player and World Cup captain Sam Lenarduzzi heads a ‘Caps staff who are experienced in teaching the official curriculum and "Whitecaps FC Way". Lenarduzzi played nine years with Whitecaps FC and over 47 times for Canada. The Vancouver-born legend is also a member of the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame.

Prospect Camps Staff

Bart Choufour

Whitecaps FC boys Pre-Residency head coach Bart Choufour leads the boys prospects camps. The Dutch-born coach currently oversees the ‘Caps U14 Pre-Residency program. Choufour has an impressive resume, including taking Whitecaps FC Prospects teams to top international tournaments and a vast knowledge of a number of European youth development systems in the Netherlands and Germany. Meet Bart Choufour.