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The best of Pa-Modou Kah in 2015

Kah Kendall smile Seattle

Get ready for some more good times.

Pa-Modou Kah will be back in 2016 – it was announced on Friday that he has signed a one-year contract extension with Vancouver Whitecaps FC. 

And as we quickly learned this year, there’s never a dull moment when Kah is around.

It was an eventful first year for the always-animated Gambian – on and off the pitch.

Re-live some of his more memorable moments below.


A YouTube commenter called it '"the single greatest moment in the history of MLS."

That might be a little bit of a stretch, but Kah certainly etched his name into the club's folklore with this epic celebration after Whitecaps FC's first-ever Voyageurs Cup victory. 


After that Voyageurs Cup victory, Kah took it upon himself to design and purchase championship rings to celebrate the occasion. 

"It shows a lot about his character," head coach Carl Robinson told "It show a lot about what he thinks of the team and the club and the team embraced it because he didn't need to do it. He did it off his own back."

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This is what happens when Kah hijacks our camera during the preseason...


It wasn't all fun and games for Kah this year. 

Actually, I take that back. Even when Kah scored twice vs. Seattle in a 3-0 win back in August, it was a hoot!


This wasn't a "moment," per se, but it's a fantastic short film that shows Kah's value off the pitch - particularly when it comes to his relationship with countrymate Kekuta Manneh. 

More on that here...

And speaking of Gambian Magic, the duo combined for Kah's third goal of the season on August 8 against Real Salt Lake. 

It will be interesting to see what Kah has in store in 2016! 

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