Vanni Sartini

Vanni Sartini

Head Coach

Axel Schuster

Axel Schuster

CEO & Sporting Director

First Team Coaching Staff

Vanni Sartini
Head Coach

Ricardo Clark
First Team Assistant Coach

Michael D'Agostino
First Team Assistant Coach

Youssef Dahha
First Team Goalkeeper Coach

Luke Summers
First Team Video Analyst

Andrew Foster
First Team Assistant Video Analyst

First Team Staff

Axel Schuster
CEO & Sporting Director

Nikolas Overheul
Director of Player Recruitment

Quinn Thompson
Director, Player Personnel

Ed Georgica
Head of First Team Operations & Administration

Alex Bizzarri
Manager, First Team Operations & Administration

Martin McDermott
First Team Equipment Manager

Steve Meadley
College Scout & Homegrown Player Manager

Kevin Antunes
First Team Scout

Gurveen Clair
Coordinator, First Team Operations

Ken Biffi
Coordinator, First Team Operations & Player Care

Aidan Prem
First Team Locker Room Assistant

Dr. Jim Bovard
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Ben Sporer
VP, Performance Strategy, Research & Innovation

Dr. David Cox
Team Sports Psychologist

Dr. Bob McCormack
Team Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Johann Windt
Head of Data Science

Christopher Franks
Director of Therapy

Jonathan Poli
Head of Physical Preparation

Richard Hawes
Registered Massage Therapist

Alexander Hinton
Senior Data Scientist

Joanna Irvine
Team Dietitian

Jose Jimenez
First Assistant Athletic Trainer

Matt Moore
Second Assistant Athletic Trainer

Stephen Pledger
Assistant Physical Prep Coach

Luke Peddie
Data Scientist