Jeff Mallett
Co-owner & Executive Chair

Greg Kerfoot

Steve Luczo

Steve Nash

Executive Leadership

Axel Schuster
Chief Executive Officer & Sporting Director

Aditi Bhatt
Chief Commercial Officer

Manav Deol
Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel

Lisa Abbate
Chief Financial Officer

First Team Technical Staff

Vanni Sartini
First Team Head Coach/Director of Methodology

Michael D'Agostino
First Team Assistant Coach

Youssef Dahha
First Team Goalkeeper Coach

Andrew Foster
Head of Video Analysis & First Team Video Coach

Steve Meadley
College Scout & Homegrown Player Manager

James Grieve

First Team Assistant Video Analyst

Broadcast & Communications

Nathan Vanstone
Vice President, Broadcast & Communications

Brandon Timko
Director, Communications

Sarita Patel
Club Reporter

Jessica Gauci
Manager, Corporate Communications

Sebastian Pereira
Coordinator, Communications

Business Intelligence, CRM & Strategy

Christopher Bromley
Director, Business Intelligence

Sam McDonald

Manager, Commercial Strategy

Community & Social Impact

Jennifer Scott
Vice President, Community & Social Impact

Patricia Marliave

Advisor, Community Engagement

Tosaint Ricketts
Liaison, Player & Club Engagement

Carl Valentine
Club Ambassador, Community

Ryan Sidhu

Senior Manager, Community Development

Jehan Jiwa
Manager, Community Engagement

Events & Fan Experience

Jon Rees
Vice President, Events & Fan Experience

Sarah Jackstien
Senior Manager, Event Operations & Security

Andrew Catliff
Manager, Event & Game Presentation

Victoria Singh
Senior Manager, Events & Fan Experience

Carlisle Young
Coordinator, Event Operations & Security

Emily Lindsay

Coordinator, Special Events & Presentation

Finance & Accounting

James Blair

Senior Financial Analyst 

Muhammad Usman
Senior Accountant

Cheyenne Imrie
Payroll Administrator

General & Administration

Jennifer Fong

Vice President, People & Culture

Dale Hancocks

Director, Legal

Samantha Jean
Director, Sport Safety & Education

Neethan Nadarajah
Director, Information Technology

Maitiú Costello
Manager, Administration & Facilities Operations

Veena Venkat
Manager, Strategic Process & Administration

Bob Lenarduzzi
Club Liaison

Dan Lenarduzzi
Advisor, Soccer Development

Gary Rodriguez
Coordinator, NSDC Facilities

Marketing & Content

Joy Ghosh
Vice President, Marketing

Jeffrey Aylen
Director, Marketing & Brand

Christian Wynne
Senior Digital Manager

Amit Thiara
Senior Graphic Designer

Nicolle Arzua
Senior Graphic Designer

Ambar Ochoa
Graphic Designer

Caleb Stoll
Graphic Designer

Adam Ferreira
Project Coordinator, Marketing

Sam Shariati
Project Coordinator, Digital

Monica Marzec
Brand Copywriter, Marketing

Rena Lee
Designer, Motion & Stadium

Jonathan Hair
Senior Manager, Content

Julie Maheu
Social Media Lead

Shea MacNeil
Club Photographer

Pablo Zubiria
Manager, Video Production

Riley Radiuk
Senior Video Producer

Kyra Petersen
Video Producer

Noah Celebiler
Coordinator, Social Media

Ticket Sales & Service

Randee Hermus

Vice President, Ticketing Sales & Service

Jason Lau
Senior Manager, Ticket Operations

Aidan Crawford
Manager, Premium Sales & Service

Rhyse Harnden
Manager, Youth Soccer Sales

Allen Leung
Manager, Ticket Operations

Branden Sanghara
Manager, Fan Relations

Seth Gordon
Senior Account Executive

Kamal Sanghera
Senior Account Executive, Group & Youth Soccer

Bella Pistilli

Account Executive, Group Sales

Cyril Latrous
Account Executive, Premium Sales

Erick Chiasson
Account Executive, Sales

Fatih Fattah

Account Executive, Fan Relations

Matt Nicholas

Account Executive, Sales

Maxwell Kensett
Account Executive, Fan Relations

Sabine Caruso
Account Executive, Group Sales

Sam Ferguson

Account Executive, Sales

Samantha Frketich
Account Executive, Fan Relations

Samantha Vernon
Account Executive, Fan Relations

Tomos Williams
Account Executive, Fan Relations

Varun Parini

Account Executive, Sales

Yvonne Sharpe
Account Executive, Premium Sales

Zophia Espinosa

Coordinator, Premium Services


Shane Beharry

Vice President, Corporate Partnerships

Adam Krahn
Director, Partnership Marketing

Michael Lummack
Director, Corporate Partnerships

Rachel Orris
Director, Corporate Partnerships

Dustin Fox
Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships

Spencer Kring

Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships

Claire Villet
Senior Manager, Partnership Affairs

Laura Cunningham
Senior Manager, Partnership Marketing

Jordan Sauser
Account Executive, Partnership Marketing

Leticia Vianna

Account Executive, Partnership Marketing

First Team Operations

Quinn Thompson
Senior Director, Player Personnel

Alex Bizzarri
Manager, Team Operations & Administration

Martin McDermott
Manager, Equipment Operations

Renato Caruso
First Team Equipment Manager

Ken Biffi
Team Administrator, First Team Operations & Administration

Gurveen Clair
Coordinator, First Team Operations & Administration

Ethan Harkin

Coordinator, Equipment

Aidan Prem
Locker Room Assistant

Sports Medicine & Science

Dr. Jim Bovard
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Ben Sporer
Vice President, Performance Strategy, Research & Innovation

Dr. David Cox
Head of Mental Performance

Dr. Dory Boyer
Team Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Bob McCormack
Team Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Johann Windt
Senior Director, Analytics, Insights, and Research

Christopher Franks
Director of Therapy

Jonathan Poli
Head of Physical Preparation

Richard Hawes
Registered Massage Therapist

Eddie Cannon
Team Physiotherapist

Joanna Irvine
Sport Dietitian

Matthew Baranowicz
Head Athletic Trainer

Emily Coleman

First Assistant Athletic Trainer

Francois Martel

Second Assistant Athletic Trainer

Stephen Pledger
Assistant, Physical Preparation Coach

Bryce Chevallier

Performance Data Scientist

Elise Chourrout

Performance Data Scientist

Blake Parry

Scouting Coordinator

Luke Peddie
Sports Scientist

Greg Furlong

Allan McGavin Sport Physiotherapy Fellowship

Academy - Technical

Ricardo Clark
WFC2 Head Coach

Brendan Shaw

WFC2 Assistant Coach

Dante Marconato

WFC2 Assistant Coach

Rich Fagan
MLS Academy Technical Director

Ewan Fisher
MLS Academy U19 Head Coach

Robert Rositiou

MLS Academy U16 & U19 Assistant Coach

Florian Jungwirth

MLS Academy U17 Head Coach

Sam Gevaux

MLS Academy U17 Assistant Coach

Nicho Agnoloni
MLS Academy U16 Head Coach

Daniel Fairhurst
MLS Academy U15 Head Coach

Ross Kenny
MLS Academy U15 Assistant Coach

Paul Thompson
MLS Academy U14 Head Coach

Raegyn Hall
WFC2 Goalkeeper Coach & Head Goalkeeper Coach, MLS Academy

Michael Girard
MLS Academy Goalkeeper Coach

Evan Carr
Academy Video Analyst

Academy Operations

David Irvine
Senior Director, Soccer Development

Stephanie Labbé
General Manager, Women's Soccer

Maxwell Corcoran
Director, MLS Academy Operations

Caitlin O'Brien

Manager, MLS Academy Operations

Noah Mar

Team Administrator, WFC2 Operations & Administration

Matthew Blakeley
MLS Academy Equipment Manager

Bradley Smith
WFC2 Equipment Manager

Isaac Walji
MLS Academy Administrator

Elizabeth Watanabe
Education & Welfare Officer

Nesha Colgate

Assistant, Player Care, Research & Education

Academy Sports Medicine & Science

Monika Cule
MLS Next Pro & Academy Lead Therapist

Tom Ryan
WFC2 & Lead Academy Physical Preparation Coach

Janine Kondas
MLS Academy Athletic Therapist

Alex Hodgins
Mental Performance Coach

Daniel Brown

Academy Assistant Physical Prep Coach Intern

Soccer Development Academy

Dylan Acheson
Director, Soccer Development

Mike Ayyash
Academy Centre Director

Emma Humphries
Director, Women's Soccer Development

Nick Dasovic

High Potential Player Head Coach

Nicola Faloon
Manager, Soccer Development

Simon Taylor

Performance Coach, Girls Elite Academy

Sabrina Ullrich
Coordinator, Girls Elite Academy

Caio Franco
Marketing Coordinator, Soccer Development

Hedvig Pellerud

Coordinator, Academy Centre Operations

Darcy Williamson

Coordinator, Academy Centre Operations

Soccer Development Academy Technical

Sam Lenarduzzi
Regional Program Manager, Soccer Development

Katelyn Collar
Head Coach, Girls Elite NDC

Mackenzie Matthews
Head Coach, Girls Academy and Pre-Girls Elite

Rory Keys
Whitecaps FC Calgary BMO Academy Boys Head Coach

Tina Cook
Whitecaps FC Calgary Academy Girls Head Coach

Brett Adams
Head Coach Kootenay Academy

Jhon Ardila
Whitecaps FC Network Partner Program, Southern Ontario Head Coach

Joe Taylor
Head Coach, Medicine Hat

John Antulov
Head Coach, Kamloops Academy Centre

William Feria
Head Coach, Kootenay East

Rob Pereira
Whitecaps London Academy Centre Head Coach

João Duarte
Network Partner Program Head Coach

Ariel Gitz
Head Coach, Okanagan Academy

Samuel Heap
Head Coach, Lethbridge

Esteban Mora

Girls Elite Academy Assistant Coach

Reynold Stewart
Head Coach Kootenay

Erin McNulty
Academy Goalkeeper Coach

Lydia Maxwell
Girls Elite NDC Pre-Programs Athletic Therapist

Ryan Clark
Collegiate Transition Manager

Marc Shimwell
Billet Program Coordinator

Corey Volk
Apparel Specialist