Jordan Harvey

'Caps Ink: Jordan Harvey

The contents of a tattoo say a lot about the individual wearing it. Not only are they an expression of art, they’re an expression of a person’s character and values, which explains the rationale behind ‘Caps Ink – a new series that brings you closer to your favourite Whitecaps FC stars.

'Caps Ink: Jordan Harvey -

Jordan Harvey loves his tattoos.

Just look at his right arm. Let’s start at the bottom. He’s got one of a timepiece, representing his New Year’s Eve wedding at The Bougainvillea Estate in Palm Springs (thus the bougainvillea right above it). The clock shows midnight for a “new beginning,” but there’s also a small mark for 5 p.m. – the time of the wedding.

Moving up the arm, there’s a rose for his family and a rendering of St. Christopher – the patron of safe travels.  

“I’m not very religious, but it holds more of a symbolic meaning," said Harvey, who scored Vancouver Whitecaps FC's first goal of 2016 in Sunday's season opener against Montreal Impact. "My dad gave me a medallion when I was 14 and moved away from home for a couple of years. It was one of those things that I always looked at for comfort.”

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<strong>Meet Jordan Harvey, his wife Kim Caldwell, and their daughter Harlow</strong>

Moving over to the chest, Harvey has a tattoo of a crown for his daughter Harlow, who was born on October 7 of last year.

Finally, the ‘Caps defender has a tattoo that reads “J birds” on his left ribs. 

“My grandpa used to have a boat he named 'J birds' because everyone at that time in the family had a name starting with J," he said. "That tradition continued with my family (Jack, Jill, Joey, Jay, Jordan), so that's a family thing as well." 

Talk about a family man.  

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