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VANCOUVER, BC – Vancouver Whitecaps FC announced today that the club has acquired right back Sheanon Williams from Houston Dynamo in exchange for general allocation money.

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Here are five things you need to know about Vancouver’s newest addition:



That’s the word that comes to mind when describing Williams. He’s athletic, sound defensively, and not afraid to get forward, as evidenced by his seven goals and 22 assists over the last seven seasons. Only three defenders, in fact, have recorded more assists since Williams joined the league in 2010.

He’s also experienced.

Williams is still only 26 years old, but he already has 170 regular season starts in Major League Soccer, which is the second-highest total on the team behind Jordan Harvey.


Speaking of Harvey, he and Williams played together with Philadelphia Union for a year-and-a-half before Harvey was traded to Vancouver in 2011. Interestingly, the Union only conceded 15 goals in the 16 matches Harvey and Williams – both fullbacks – started together in 2011.

In Vancouver, Williams is also reunited with Andrew Jacobson, who was a member of the Union in 2010, and Giles Barnes, who was a teammate of Williams’ the last two seasons in Houston.


One thing Williams has become known for during this time in MLS is his long throw-in.

In fact, a few years ago Conor Casey was asked if he’s ever played with anyone who can throw a soccer ball as far as Williams can. His answer: “I can’t think of any … no.”

Williams’ throw-ins, which became a dangerous offensive weapon for the Union, were popular amongst the team’s supporters, who yelled “oooooh boom” every time he threw the ball into play.


Williams was born on March 17, 1990, which of course, is St. Patrick’s Day.

Since Williams grew up in Boston, which has a strong Irish influence, his mom wanted to follow the tradition of children born on St. Patrick’s Day, but wasn’t fond of the name Patrick. She didn’t mind the name Shannon, however, which is a common name for girls born on the day.  

“She changed it to Sheanon [pronounced Shay-nun] to make it more of a, if you want to call it, a masculine name,” Williams told Soccer America. “She’s from Trinidad, the farthest from Irish that you could be, but I guess me being born in Boston had a big influence on her.”


Finally, for the hard-hitting stuff, Williams’ favourite book is Harry Potter, he owns 50 (!!!) pairs of shoes, and his favourite soccer movie is The Big Green.

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