Waston vs. Dwyer

Some athletes you just love to boo.

Dom Dwyer is one of those such athletes, and he's back at BC Place on Saturday as Whitecaps FC face growing nemesis Sporting Kansas City (4 p.m. PT on TSN and TSN 1040 radio).

Surely he’s very likeable when he’s on your team, but as an opponent …few players quite get the blood boiling like Mr. Leroux (he’s married to former Canadian national team player, and now committed patriotic American Sydney Leroux, in case you hadn’t heard).

Just ask Kendall Waston. The big man has had many entertaining tussles with the Sporting KC striker over the past couple of years.

So when Dwyer is in town, fans tend to get a little bit more pumped up.

That certainly happened last year when one fan took it a weeeeee bit too far by throwing his popcorn at the opposing villain.

This is where we have to be clear – we DO NOT condone fans throwing popcorn, and then getting yourself kicked out of the game. That’s not good for anyone.

We do however fully support you buying popcorn, then eating it and standing and cheering while watching Kendall and Dom battle it out on the pitch.

Just don’t throw your popcorn, because it’s delicious (right Dom?).

Get your popcorn ready... the Kendall Waston vs. Dom Dwyer battle is back -