Kid Captain - Riley

Vancouver Whitecaps FC is honoured to have Riley McCluskey as Kid Captain of the club's home match at Providence Park in Portland against Real Salt Lake on Saturday, October 10.

Thirteen-year-old Riley was born with his right leg and foot turned in.  What was thought originally to be Clubfoot was later diagnosed as Fibular Hemimelia, a condition where his right leg grows at a slower rate and causes a limb length discrepancy.

Under the care of Dr. Anthony Cooper and his team at BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH), Riley has undergone several surgeries to treat his condition. For his first surgery at age seven, Riley became the first BCCH patient to be lengthened with a Taylor Spatial Frame, a device that has two large rings, which encircle a child’s limb, connected by six minutely adjustable rods that can be lengthened and shortened to reposition bones. 

His second limb lengthening surgery was performed at the end of September 2019, followed by the detatchment of his frame in late May 2020. Over the course of the surgeries, Riley’s right leg has be lengthened a total of 13cm.

“Dr. Anthony Cooper and his team from the Orthopedic Pediatric department at BC Children’s Hospital are the kindest and most amazing team," said Shawn and Nancy, Riley's parents. “They always take all the time necessary to explain procedures and outcomes, and answer any questions or concerns we have." 

Now when Riley isn’t in his frame, he loves to play hockey, basketball, skateboarding, mountain biking and body-boarding in Hawaii. 

Riley is grateful to be a Kid Captain for Whitecaps FC, as well as a proud advocate for the Limb Lengthening Research and Development Program at BCCH.