Kid Captain of the Match: Angelia


Vancouver Whitecaps FC are honoured to have Angelia from Canada SCORES as Kid Captain of the club's home match against Minnesota United at Rio Tinto Stadium on July 31.

Canada SCORES is an after-school program that focuses on the whole child. Our program uses a unique combination of soccer, poetry, and community projects to create a singular and comprehensive program that emphasizes physical activity, health and wellness, self-expression, academic engagement, and community involvement.

Angelia joined Canada SCORES at Lord Kelvin Community School in 2019. As a Grade 4 student, Angelia used to be very quiet and shy. She previously enrolled in other after school activities like arts & crafts, but had never taken soccer lessons as her family couldn't afford the fees. However, Angelia was intrigued by Canada SCORES as it was a very interesting combination of soccer, poetry and community service.