Kid Captain of the Match: Angelia


Vancouver Whitecaps FC are honoured to have Angelia from Canada SCORES as Kid Captain of the club's home match against Minnesota United at BC Place on October 27.

Angelia joined an after school program called Canada SCORES at Lord Kelvin Community School in 2019. As a grade 4 student, she used to be very quiet and shy. During her previous years, Angelia usually enrolled in other after school activities like arts & crafts but had never taken soccer lessons as her family couldn't afford the fees. Angelia was intrigued by Canada SCORES as it was a very interesting combination of soccer, poetry, and community service.

Canada SCORES has impacted Angelia's personality in a positive way. She is more expressive, outgoing and happy. She has learned skills like sportsmanship and teamwork, among many other skills. The program has boosted her self-confidence at school and at home. Angelia's family have noticed her being more responsible in doing her homework and tackling some challenges that go with it - not easily giving up and doing her best in any given task assigned to her. Angelia even wrote a poem that was selected to be performed at the Red Carpet Poetry Slam. She is very thankful to be a part of a team and to participate in Canada SCORES.