Kid Captain of the Match: Armaan


Vancouver Whitecaps FC are honoured to have Armaan Kumar from Canada SCORES as Kid Captain of the club's home match against Sporting Kansas City at BC Place on October 17.

Armaan is a natural leader in his Canada SCORES after school program. He is tenacious and always gives 110 per cent in everything he does. He is kind and caring and stands up for those who are being bullied. He genuinely cares about each and every person and doesn't let anyone feel small, whether it's soccer, school or in life. He has learned to express himself through poetry in Canada SCORES and wrote a heartfelt poem about his mom who passed away.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

My heart is dead

Because I can't see you

Although that makes me sad

I can't do anything about that

However there are a few things I can do

Like being grateful kind and happy

And when i get older I'll give back

To the people that supported me and had my back

Just like you

And I won't forget about the people that helped me and you