‘Caps in the Community

Kid Captains of the Match: Avreet and Jantajveer


Saturday's Kid Captains are Avreet and Jantajveer.

They lost their mom over a year ago and have since been cared for by their grandmother and father. They attend an elementary school in Surrey, and the staff and neighborhood have played a key role in helping the family get through the difficult times.

Soon after, they were introduced to KidsPlay Foundation, where they have been surrounded by mentors and positive role models. They attend the art program each Saturday and volunteer with the organization’s environment projects to give back to the community.

At such a young age, these kids are already making great strides. Avreet loves to draw and paint. Jantajveer is a gamer and loves to play soccer. Both the kids are extremely talented and are the dynamic duo. They love to spend time with each other and their family.