Girls Elite

League1 BC: Women get the win, men earn a draw


Hauer brace powers 'Caps to opening day win

VANCOUVER, BC – Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite kicked off their inaugural League1 BC season in the first match of a double header against Victoria Highlanders FC at Ken Woods Field this Sunday afternoon.

The first half started with 'Caps goalkeeper Bella Lister making a strong save inside the 9th minute after a cross was delivered into the box from Highlanders FC.

The Blue & White then opened the scoring after Anna Hauer found her own rebound and chipped in the first goal of the season inside the 27th minute of the match.

As the match progressed, the home side extended their lead with Hauer passing a ball through Jeneva Hernandez Gray, her shot went in the back of the net at the 42nd minute mark making it 2-0.

Right as the second half started, Victoria Highlanders FC cut the lead in half with Sophie Miranda's strong shot going in the top of the net in the 46th minute of the match.

Just minutes later, the 'Caps pushed through in the final third after Jamie Perrault's turn and pass found Hauer inside the box, with the forward scoring her brace in the 51st minute.

Later in the match, after some footwork from the left side and a ball won back from Ashley Roberts, her strike then cushioned lead making it 4-1 in the 67th minute of the match.

As Noelle Sather sent a long through ball that connected to Perrault, the forward's run from the right side of the field then led her to scoring her first in the 89th minute.


Referee: Dustin Dewan

Scoring Summary
27' – VAN – Anna Hauer
42' – VAN – Jeneva Hernandez Gray (Anna Hauer)
46' – VIC – Sophie Miranda
51' – VAN – Anna Hauer (Jamie Perrault)
67' – VAN – Ashley Roberts
89' – VAN – Jamie Perrault (Noelle Sather)

19' – VAN – Joy Kimwemwe

Vancouver Whitecaps FC
1.Bella Lister; 14.Ava Wright (2.Megin Turi 75'), 5.Clare Logan, 3.Andrea Kraetzer, 20.Iba Oching (7.Nyema Ingleton 67'); 15.Izzy Monck, 4.Olivia Ahern © (16.Sienna Gibson 67'); 19. Joy Kimwemwe (18.Jamie Perrault 22'), 21.Jeneva Hernandez Gray (8.Shae Taylor 75'), 27.Ashley Roberts; 13.Anna Hauer (11.Noelle Sather 70')

Substitutes not used
22.Leah Parsons

Victoria Highlanders FC
1.Jessica Gardiner © (25.Madeline Astridge 76'); 6.Amy Lawrence (5.Kara Skirzyk 39'), 4.Mara McCleary, 2.Mary Nicholls, 19.Avery Nystedt (12.Ally Carpendale 70'), 18.Taiya Scorey (11.Megan Faulkner 60'); 8.Katie Kraeutner, 10.Sophie Miranda; 3.Erin Jensen, 13.Mariel Solsberg, 7.Paige Payne (17.Emma Dewit 65')

Substitutes not used


Second half comeback gives 'Caps the draw

VANCOUVER, BC – Vancouver Whitecaps FC BMO Academy boys kicked off their inaugural League1 BC season with a 2-2 draw against Victoria Highlanders FC at Ken Woods Field this Sunday afternoon.

The first half started quickly with Victoria Highlanders opening the first goal of the game. Kensho Ando's pass found Javier Sagaste, who's low shot on the left side of the cage made it 1-0 in the 10th minute of the match.

Soon thereafter, Gurman Sangha's cross found Eric Lajeunesse on the right side of the field, as his strike went just wide off the netting in the 11h minute.

Later on in the match, Highlanders FC's Cody Gysbers doubled his squad's lead in the 27th minute of the match with a free kick from 35 yards out.

The young 'Caps looked to find an answer, with Alesandro Comita's cross on the left side almost connecting to forward Tomás Peña within the box, but goalkeeper Trevor Schneider - a graduate of the Whitecaps FC BMO Academy - fended off the opportunity before the 'Caps forward could find a first touch in the 42nd minute.

The home side started the second half in quick manners, as Peña grabbed his own rebound after a blocked shot from the defence, getting his team on the scoreboard in the 51st minute.

Later in the match, Comita found himself in a one-on-one situation in the 72nd minute, but Highlanders FC's goalkeeper Schneider saved off the opportunity, conceding a corner for the home side in the process.

The young 'Caps resilience proved its worth, as Peña's corner cross found Josh Tome inside the box, who converted his own rebound attempt to level the match 2-2 in the 74th minute.

Two minutes later the 'Caps would go down to ten men on a red card, but they held firm the rest of the match to earn a point.


Referee: Seyed-Mohamad Mohseni

Scoring Summary
10' – VIC – Javier Sagaste (Kensho Ando)
27' – VIC – Cody Gysbers
51' – VAN – Tomás Peña
74' – VAN – Josh Tome

51' – VAN – Joven Mann
59' – VIC – Kensho Ando
86' – VAN – Shaya Zarjampour

76' – VAN – Joven Mann

Vancouver Whitecaps FC
80.Marshall Herald; 71.Josh Tome, 89.Shaya Zarjampour, 72.Eric Lajeunesse; 59.Jordan McKinty (63.Juliano Campedelli 64'), 77.Joven Mann, 82.Brennen Fuerst, 88.Alesandro Comita; 74.Tomás Peña (65.Keishean Francois 81'), 42.Gurman Sangha (94.Yayo Mutombo HT), 85.Sydney Wathuta (96.Luke Norman HT)

Substitutes not used

70.Harrison Gough, 81.Nikos Clarke-Tosczak, 93.Eric Kim

Victoria Highlanders FC
1.Trevor Schneider; 5.Wataru Oguchi (2.Gregor Smith HT), 8.Cody Gysbers, 19.Armaan Nijjar, 24.Kayden Miner (6.Fergus Hall 19'); 7.Koby Greaves, 4.Javier Sagaste (18.Michael Heppelle 72'), 14.Kensho Ando, 10.Hussein Behery; 17.Anthony Preston (22.Nick Park 60'), 9.Michael Henman (11.Mackenzie Cole HT)

Substitutes not used
30.Daniel Zadravec, 15.Dylan Atwal