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Roberts' lone goal leads to 'Caps 1-0 victory

VANCOUVER, BC – Vancouver Whitecaps FC returned home at Ken Woods Field with a 1-0 victory against Unity FC this Wednesday evening.

The first half started with some back and forth pressure exchanged from both sides, as Unity FC forward Bryana Buttar's right footed effort flew right over the net inside the 26th minute.

As the first half progressed, left back Iba Oching's dribbling led to Anna Hauer finding an opportunity in the final third, as her shot was saved in the 41st minute.

The Blue & White continued to push later on, as Jeneva Hernandez Gray's run on the left flank found Anna Hauer inside the box, as her shot was strongly saved by Unity FC goalkeeper Priya Sandhu in the 45th minute right before the end of the first half.

The second half would see the home side opening with the first goal of the game, as Ashley Roberts' run in the midfield found her on a break in the final third. With her solo effort, the 'Caps forward's strike found the back of the net making it 1-0 in the 60th minute of the match.

Unity FC continued to hunt for the equalizer by pushing their pressure in the offensive zone, as Buttar found her shot inside the box saved in the 90th minute.

The away side continued to press in the late stages of the match, but the Blue & White's valiant effort pushed off any opportunities for the tie breaker as the final whistle blew.


Referee: Sydney Berridge

Scoring Summary
60' – VAN – Ashley Roberts

28' – UNI – Nikki Virk

Vancouver Whitecaps FC
1.Bella Lister; 20.Iba Oching, 5.Clare Logan, 3.Andrea Kraetzer, 14.Ava Wright; 4.Olivia Ahern © (11.Noelle Sather 87'), 15.Izzy Monck; 18.Jamie Perrault (24.Sierra Bergen 90'+1'), 21.Jeneva Hernandez Gray (9.Kierra Blundell 65'), 27.Ashley Roberts (16.Sienna Gibson 68'); 13.Anna Hauer

Substitutes not used
22.Leah Parsons, 2.Megin Turi, 7.Nyema Ingleton

Unity FC
1.Priya Sandhu, 19.Jessa Vance, 4.Elizabeth Hicks ©, 3.Tristan Corneil, 13.Nikki Virk (7.Mikayla Tupper 56'); 5.Madeline Moore, 8.Madilyn Melnychuk (20.Taylor Morris 37'), 2.Karlee Pedersen (22.Hailey Howes 53') (17.Charity Field 77'); 9.Seina Kashima (16.Jenieva Musico 77'), 12.Grace Van Den Brink (18.Jane Mackinnon 81'), 6.Bryana Buttar

Substitutes not used
33.Hannah Miller, 16.Jenieva Musico, 21.Raegen Mackenzie


Peña, Mann, lead 'Caps to 2-0 win

VANCOUVER, BC  – Vancouver Whitecaps FC continued their League1BC season with a 2-0 victory against Unity FC on Ken Woods Field this Wednesday evening.

The 'Caps started the first half quickly, as Tomás Peña's powerful shot outside the 18 yard line found the top right corner of the net in the 10th minute of the match to make it 1-0.

Moments later, a right footed shot from Unity FC forward Jehmrode Kahlon flew just wide of the cage in the 19th minute as the away side hunted for the tying goal.

Unity FC continued to push with their pressure in the final third, as Thomas Powell saw his strong shot outside the box skim right over the crossbar in the 33rd minute.

As the away side built their own momentum, the 'Caps switched it on their side with Juliano Campedelli's cut move inside finding Joven Mann, his shot inside the box was stopped in the 37th minute of the game.

After some ball control obtained by midfielder Rahid Rahiem, his left footed shot was held off by 'Caps goalkeeper Ben Alexander, resulting in the ball deflecting off the post in the 44th minute.

The second half would find similar action from the first one, as both midfields would interchange their own momentum as the match progressed.

After quick a counter attack was organized by the away side in the midfield, Unity FC's Kahlon had his shot saved by Alexander in the 53rd minute.

As the second half continued, the young 'Caps looked to find their spark, as Asvin Chauhan's quick footwork led to an opportunity inside the penalty area to Joven Mann, who saw his shot go right over the crossbar in the 81st minute of the match.

Following a counter attack, the Blue & White were awarded a penalty kick in the late stages, as Mann stepped up and converted from the spot doubling his squad's lead in the 89th minute.


Referee: Niko Jecanski

Scoring Summary
10' – VAN – Tomás Peña
89' – VAN – Joven Mann

15' – VAN – Gurman Sangha
88' – UNI – Nikolas Papakyriakopoulos

Vancouver Whitecaps FC
40.Ben Alexander; 89.Shaya Zarjampour, 72.Eric Lajeunesse, 81.Nikos Clarke-Tosczak (71.Josh Tome 60'); 63.Juliano Campedelli (93.Eric Kim 66') , 78.Will Antoniuk, 96.Luke Norman (Rohin Kapila 82'), 88.Alesandro Comita ©; 77.Joven Mann, 74.Tomás Peña (97.Asvin Chauhan 66'); 42.Gurman Sangha (94.Yayo Mutombo 60')

Substitutes not used
70.Harrison Gough

Unity FC
1.Sebastian Colyn (30.David Hicks HT); 3.Nikolas Papakyriakopoulos, 22.Francis Powell, 25.Adam Hajdecki (2.Ryan Donald 86'), 18.Brandon Torresan; 9.Soren Disabatino (17.Christian Rossi 73'), 16.Thomas Powell, 10.Rahid Rahiem ©, 14.Kieran Eve (8.Tristan Torressan 67'); 11.Jehmrode Kahlon (7.Sidrit Vukaj 67'), 21.Luca Alberti (13.Marcus Tjernagel 73')

Substitutes not used
6.Jiwon Seo

Next up

The 'Caps head on the road this weekend to take on Victoria Highlanders this coming Sunday, June 5 at Centennial Stadium. Kickoff for the women's game will be at 1 p.m. PT, and the men's game at 3 p.m. PT. Both games will be available to stream at HomeTeam Live. Find the full schedule HERE.