Album scores twice in defeat

VANCOUVER, BC – Vancouver Whitecaps FC BMO Academy U-19 boys continued their League1 BC campaign with a 5-2 loss against Varsity FC at Thunderbird Stadium this Friday evening.

The first half started with Varsity FC scoring off a corner opportunity sent in by Thomas Gardner in the 17th minute of the match, with the cross connecting to Caleb Clarke. His deflected strike found the back of the net making it 1-0 early on in the match.

The young 'Caps responded in quick fashion with a goal of their own moments later, with Luke Norman's short pass connecting to Chris Album. The forward's shot then trickled through past Varsity goalkeeper Bennett McKay in the 18th minute.

The half continued to be full of action, as the Blue & White fended off occasions inside the box with multiple defensive blocks in the 20th minute to keep the score even.

Following some footwork and hold up play from Alesandro Comita, his shot inside the box was held off by McKay in the 43rd minute of the match.

Right before the end of the first half, the home side looked to convert on the attack, as Victory Shumbusho's curled shot inside the area was saved by Harrison Gough in the 45th minute.

Beginning the second half, Album won a ball back on his own in the final third, as the forward saw himself on a one on one opportunity, his shot was then sent just wide of the cage in the 57th minute of the match.

As the match progressed, Varsity FC grabbed the lead as Clarke converted following a rebound inside the area, giving his squad a 2-1 advantage in the 60th minute.

The home side earned a corner opportunity minutes later, with Gardner's cross connecting to Joseph Zupo's header, as the defender gave his side a cushioned 3-1 lead in the 65th minute of the match.

Following a quick run from substitute Connor Mrazek, the midfielder placed a short pass in to Shumbusho, with a left footed strike from the forward flying into the top corner of the net in the 71st minute as the home side continued to push on.

Varsity FC scored one more goal as Nicholas Momotani's burst of speed on the left flank on the field and quick pass found Clarke in the penalty area, giving the Varsity forward a hat-trick in the 75th minute of the match.

The young 'Caps reduced the home side's advantage later in the game, after a set piece sent in from Tomás Peña in the 84th minute, Album headed in the curled cross from the substitute into the net.


Referee: Joshua Heuving

Scoring Summary
17' – VAR – Caleb Clarke (Thomas Gardner)
18' – VAN – Chris Album (Luke Norman)
60' – VAR – Caleb Clarke
65' – VAR – Joseph Zupo (Thomas Gardner)
71' – VAR – Victory Shumbusho (Connor Mrazek)
75' – VAR – Caleb Clarke (Nicholas Momotani)
84' – VAN – Chris Album (Tomás Peña)


Varsity FC
1.Bennett McKay; 16.Mihai Hodut (13.Stefan Colbow 83'), 5.Joseph Zupo, 21.Noah Hrdlicka, 15.Jordano Pinto; 6.Sam Aiello (26.Nicholas Momotani HT), 28.Thomas Gardner; 7.Bradley Richardson (4.Chris Fisher HT), 11.Caleb Clarke, 9.Victory Shumbusho (20.Manmeet Jhutty 72'); 12.Mario Kovacevic (10.Connor Mrazek 59')

Substitutes not used
8.Farzad Rajab ali, 22.Lukas Strauts

Vancouver Whitecaps FC
70.Harrison Gough; 36.Deylen Vellios ©, 72.Eric Lajeunesse, 81.Nikos Clarke-Tosczak; 88.Alesandro Comita, 82.Brennan Fuerst, 77.Joven Mann (69.Rohin Kapila 75'), 34.Jaden Manetta (94.Yayo Mutombo 75'); 96.Luke Norman (74.Tomás Peña 65'), 97.Asvin Chauhan (42.Gurman Sangha 62'); 79.Chris Album

Substitutes not used
80.Marshall Herald, 71.Josh Tome, 89.Shaya Zarjampour

Young 'Caps suffer first defeat of the season

VANCOUVER, BC – Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite continued their League1 BC campaign with a 3-0 loss against Varsity FC at Thunderbird Stadium this Friday evening.

The 'Caps came up against undefeated Varsity FC in their first match since their graduating seniors departed.

Scoring in the first half started early on for the home side, as Varsity FC got on the board following a corner opportunity deflected in for an own goal in the fourth minute of the match.

As the match progressed, Varsity FC doubled their lead after another corner kick attempt was sent in by Holly Ward, and a close rebound from Simi Lehal found the back of the net in the 14th minute.

The young 'Caps looked to push on with a curled shot from Sienna Gibson going just wide of the cage in the 23rd minute.

Varsity would score one more. Following a cross sent in from Holly Ward on the left flank of the field, Varsity's Katalin Tolnai slotted home her squad's third goal of the match with a tap-in strike in the 37th minute of the match.

As the second half began, the 'Caps looked to keep the home side scoreless, which they were able to achieve. They also looked to find forward momentum of their own, which came with a ball won back in the final third by Jaime Perrault and saw the winger's shot going just wide of the net in the 57th minute.

The 'Caps then saw an opportunity created by Emma Yee on the left flank of the field crossed to Jaime Perrault in the 90th minute, but the final whistle blew as the 'Caps remained in first place in the standings, but Varsity FC close behind.


Referee: Sydney Barridge

Scoring Summary
4' – VAR – Jeneva Hernandez Gray (own goal)
14' – VAR – Simi Lehal (Holly Ward)
37' – VAR – Katalin Tolnai (Holly Ward)


Varsity FC
25.Dakota Beckett; 12.Emma Hooton, 5.Ella Nuttall-Smith, 20.Simi Lehal, 6.Anisha Sangha (3.Dakota Chan 71'); 23.Janika Sangha (8.Samantha Donald 62') 15.Emma Regan; 19.Katalin Tolnai (17.Sophia Kramer 77'); 11.Jenna Baxter (7.Vanessa Tome 62'), 9.Danielle Steer (14.Katelyn Erhardsen 65'), 18.Holly Ward (2.Danielle Mosher 82')

Substitutes not used
1.Sarah Johns, 14.Katelyn Erhardsen 20.Omeha Sandhu

Vancouver Whitecaps FC
22.Leah Parsons; 7.Nyema Ingleton (17.Emma Yee 74'), 5.Clare Logan ©, 34.Ireolowu Omotayo, 20.Iba Oching; 13.Anna Hauer, 21.Jeneva Hernandez Gray (11.Noelle Sather 86'); 27.Ashley Roberts, 16.Sienna Gibson (31.Emily Wong 62'), 18.Jaime Perrault; 9.Kierra Blundell (24.Sierra Bergen 74')

Substitutes not used
30.Sierra Gallant, 19.Joy Kimwemwe, 23.Charlotte Cromack