Legends & Stars: Check out the roster sheet for today's charity alumni match at BC Place

2017 Alumni Match

Today is the day.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC’s Legends & Stars charity alumni match in support of BC Children’s Hospital, featuring alumni from all eras of the club’s 40+ year history as well as a number of celebrity guests from Once Upon a Time, Riverdale, and other popular TV shows, is set to take place at 1:45 p.m. PT at BC Place – ahead of Vancouver’s MLS match vs. Columbus Crew SC.

Check out the roster sheet below (subject to change) and stay tuned for live updates on Whitecaps FC’s social media channels, as well as post-match coverage on whitecapsfc.com.

<p>1. Rob Merkl (GK/alumni)</p>
<p>1. Erin McNulty (GK/alumni)</p>
<p>1. Michael Vartan (GK/celebrity)</p>
<p>19. Carlo Corazzin (GK/alumni)</p>
<p>33. Tyler Baldock (GK/alumni)</p>
<p>27. Didar Sandhu (GK/alumni)</p>
<p>1. Henry Ian Cusick (celebrity)</p>
<p>2. Jeff Clarke (alumni)</p>
<p>3. Richard Harmon (celebrity)</p>
<p>3. Cam Bowman (alumni)</p>
<p>4. Nick Dasovic (alumni)</p>
<p>3. Kevan Cameron (alumni)</p>
<p>4. Lindsay Henderson (alumni)</p>
<p>3. Kelley Missal (celebrity)</p>
<p>4. Shaun Pejic (alumni)</p>
<p>3. Lindsey Morgan (celebrity)</p>
<p>7. Carlos Batista (alumni)</p>
<p>5. Keith Izatt (alumni)</p>
<p>7. Chuboi (celebrity)</p>
<p>5. Steve Macdonald (alumni)</p>
<p>7. Terry Dunfield (alumni)</p>
<p>6. Jay DeMerit (alumni)</p>
<p>7. Neil Wilkinson (alumni)</p>
<p>6. Kevin Harmse (alumni)</p>
<p>8. Chris Gauthier (celebrity)</p>
<p>7. Scott Macey (alumni)</p>
<p>9. John Catliff (alumni)</p>
<p>7. Sean Maguire (celebrity)</p>
<p>9. Alfredo Valente (alumni)</p>
<p>8. Georgina Haig (celebrity)</p>
<p>10. Davide Chiumiento (alumni)</p>
<p>8. Diaz Kambere (alumni)</p>
<p>11. Kurt Powell (alumni)</p>
<p>10. Colin O'Donoghue (celebrity)</p>
<p>11. Andrew West (celebrity)</p>
<p>10. Alfonso Herrera (celebrity)</p>
<p>13. Robert Carlyle (celebrity player/coach)</p>
<p>10. Sipho Sibiya (alumni)</p>
<p>13. Alexander Elliott (alumni)</p>
<p>11. Ivor Evans (alumni)</p>
<p>13. Nick Gilbert (alumni)</p>
<p>11. Tiarnan King (alumni)</p>
<p>14. Jay Johnstone (alumni)</p>
<p>11. Bob Morley (celebrity)</p>
<p>14. Charles Melton (celebrity)</p>
<p>12. Y.P. Lee (alumni)</p>
<p>15. Doug Muirhead (alumni)</p>
<p>13. Steven Brown (alumni)</p>
<p>17. KJ Apa (celebrity)</p>
<p>13. Michael Dodd (alumni)</p>
<p>18. Garret Kusch (alumni)</p>
<p>13. Louis Hynes (celebrity)</p>
<p>18. Joe Scigliano (alumni)</p>
<p>14. Phil Brown (alumni)</p>
<p>19. Spencer Coppin (alumni)</p>
<p>17. Rob Raco (celebrity)&nbsp;</p>
<p>19. Jean-Luc Bilodeau (celebrity)</p>
<p>20. Dave Morris (alumni)</p>
<p>20. Chris Craveiro (alumni)</p>
<p>20. Ray Winstone (celebrity player/coach)</p>
<p>20. Guido Titotto (alumni)</p>
<p>24. Paulo Valdez (alumni)</p>
<p>22. Greg Poehler (celebrity)</p>
<p>26. Jason Jordan (alumni)</p>
<p>22. Colin Ferguson (celebrity)</p>
<p>28. Gordon Chin (alumni)</p>
<p>24. Sibongile Mlambo (celebrity)</p>
<p>29. Paul Dolan (alumni)</p>
<p>44. Tasya Teles (celebrity)</p>
<p>73. Michael Coleman (celebrity)</p>
<p>88. Robert Earnshaw (alumni)</p>
<p>78. Tyler Johnston (celebrity)</p>

Legends & Stars: Check out the roster sheet for today's charity alumni match at BC Place -