GameCube to Gauld: Q&A with new 'Caps eMLS star Fiddle

Fiddle champ 2

On Tuesday, Vancouver Whitecaps FC made a splash in the FIFA world with the signing of star player Gordon “Fiddle” Thornsberry.

Fiddle has made his mark worldwide, first playing for giants PSG, and then grabbing headlines in North America with his hometown FC Cincinnati as the top performer during the 2020 eMLS season.

As we welcome him to the club, Sebastian Pereira had the opportunity to ask him a few introductory questions.

What attracted you most about making the move to play for Vancouver Whitecaps FC?

Vancouver has always done a very nice job of supporting their eSports players, and that’s something that really attracted me.

You’ve had a very good relationship with new Whitecaps FC teammate Alex “Exraa” Gonzalez. How much did that play into making your decision to come to the ‘Caps?

Myself and Exraa have known each other, competed against each other, and been good friends all the way back to FIFA 17. He had nothing but good things to say about the club and that played a big part at getting me to the club.

You’ve won plenty of titles during your career. How much do those titles mean to you and motivate you to continue your path as a professional FIFA eSports player?

The trophies and the accolades do mean a lot to me because they are there forever. That being said, the best trophy is the next one, so I’m looking forward to trying to add to the collection here in Vancouver.

Of those titles, which has been the most memorable?

My most memorable title has to be LS1 in Philadelphia because it was my first title in eMLS after hard battles and heavy defeats in past tournaments. It was me finally taking that next step and showing I can finish the job.

Which FIFA game was the first one you owned? Any special memories from it?

My first FIFA game I ever owned was FIFA 2004 for my GameCube. I was only seven-years-old, but I can remember being at my dad’s house playing career mode, getting beat by the computer all the time. 

Was there ever a specific moment where you realized you could become a professional FIFA eSports player? If so, when was that?

In FIFA 17, I played the game casually for fun but then started playing these online tournaments on a site named Gfinity. I was getting pretty far in the tournaments against good competition. About then was when I realized I could maybe compete in FIFA.

On the gameplay side of things, what brand of football can ‘Caps fans expect you to play during next season?

My style of play is I try to make very few mistakes, and make sure I control the pace of the game. My opponent will have to play at my speed and will have to play his best to get a result against me. It will never come easy from my side.

Is there a favourite skill move or play you have in the game?

My favorite skill move is the scoop turn. It’s been a staple in my style for the last three FIFAs and usually the move that I do to get space in the box and score.

Who’s your favourite player to use in the game?

Favorite player to use in the game is Ronaldo Nazario. He will score everything for you and is a must have.

What are some of the differences you’ve noticed so far between FIFA 21 and FIFA 22?

It’s still early, but I’ve noticed that there isn’t any gamebreaking mechanics like FIFA 21 had. I’m excited for this iteration of FIFA.

In your eyes, which ‘Caps player has the best card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

I think Ryan Gauld has the best card. He has pretty good pace, dribbling, and passing.

Looking forward, what are some of your goals for your first season with the ‘Caps?

My goals for my first season with the club are to win a trophy in 2v2 with Exraa, or another trophy. It’s a tough goal to achieve but I believe in my skill to bring silverware back to Vancouver when it’s all said and done.