Today is a significant moment and it is important to first commend the brave women who have come forward and shared their experiences with Birarda, spanning from 1988 to 2008.

These women, along with all the powerful advocates for change, have a voice and we have heard them. At the same time, we remain available to hear from anyone who will help us progress. 

We acknowledge and understand the deep hurt felt across our soccer community. We are truly sorry to everyone who has been impacted and I hope that today is a step forward in the healing process for all the victims affected.

As a club, we are taking actions beyond our words and have dedicated resources to reach a higher standard today. We have made significant changes to our Safe Sport policies and practices, based on our five key pillars: Policies & Procedures, Prevention, Training & Education, Reporting & Response, and Continuous Development. The program is led today by our director of sport safety and education.

We stand together in being a leader in Safe Sport across our country. We are committed to the process and will continue to ensure we provide a safe and inclusive environment for everyone in our club.