We're in the World's Game: The top 10 'Caps player ratings on EAFC24


VANCOUVER, BC – Same game. New era.

On September 29, the world will be introduced to the next era of football gaming with EA Sports FC 24, the latest in a long line of video games for the EA Sports organization. 

Following up from the previous EA Sports FIFA franchise, FC24 will feature the always-anticipated game mode Ultimate Team.

The game mode allows you to create your own dream team of professional players, who receive a base card ranked by a rating anywhere between 47 to 99 rated.

Players can receive anywhere from a bronze (47 to 64 rated), silver (65 to 74 rated), or gold card (75 to 99 rated) depending on their real-life performance in the past year.

The ratings also serve as the standard base rating for each player in the game, which you can use in several different modes such as Kick-Off, the street mode VOLTA FOOTBALL, as well as career mode - where you can boost your players ratings with training sessions plus in-game performances - and much more.

As we get set to break in the new era of EAFC, we take a look at the top 10 Vancouver Whitecaps FC player ratings in FC24.

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Alessandro Schöpf - CM - Silver - 68

Alessandro Schöpf has been given a 68 rated silver card by EA.

Despite the low rating, Schöpf's card is one of the most rounded amongst MLS midfielders, given all his base stats are between the range of 62 and 69.

  • KEY IN-GAME STATS: 86 stamina, 74 balance, 73 agility, 73 slide tackling, 71 short passing

Along with his key stats above, Schöpf's card possesses some additional hidden gems that will help you dominate the middle of the park.

The Austrian has been given a four-star weak foot, meaning he'll be able to make just as good of passes with his weak foot (left) as he does with his strong foot (right).

Schöpf also has high attacking and defensive work rates, meaning he'll be able to cover ground on both ends of the pitch at the maximum effort EA allows.

If you're looking for a well-rounded midfielder to add to your Ultimate Team silver squad, Schöpf's card is the way to go.

Tristan Blackmon - CB - Silver - 68

For the third consecutive year, EA has handed out a 68 rated rare silver card to Tristan Blackmon.

Coming from someone who used his card last year, this card is a beast. Immediately what sticks out is the 88 pace, which will help plenty early on in the game to catch up to speedy attackers. In fact, Blackmon is tied for the fifth-highest pace amongst centre backs in the game this year.

It's worth noting the 75 physical and 66 defending still show their strengths thanks to the blistering pace.

  • KEY IN-GAME STATS: 89 sprint speed, 88 jumping, 87 acceleration, 79 strength, 71 stamina

Blackmon also has the power header trait, which will allow him to win a higher percentage of aerial duels in both boxes. This trait can be extremely effective when trying to score off corner kicks, not to mention Blackmon also has 88 jumping which is considered to be pretty high at the start of the game.

The defender can also provide versatility for your team, with the option to play him as a right back.

If you're looking for a pacey, dominant, and, of course, swaggy defender that can be a threat off set pieces, Blackmon's card can be a nailed-in starter for your squad from day one.

Ranko Veselinović - CB - Silver - 69

Ranko Veselinović has received a 69 rated silver card, a plus one upgrade over his card from last year.

Like Schöpf, the Serbian international has high defensive work rates, which can come in clutch when controlling him to block opposing team's attacks.

  • KEY IN-GAME STATS: 79 strength, 77 stamina, 74 sprint speed

Veselinović also has some decent pace on him, with his 74 sprint speed giving him the ability to make up some yardage while shouldering off opponents with his 78 physical.

Mathías Laborda - CB - Silver - 69

EA has handed out a 69 rated silver card to Mathías Laborda, a plus two upgrade from his card from the last edition of the game.

Laborda has been given a medium defensive work rate but provides a bit more stability in defence compared to Veselinović with his 70 pace, 69 defending and 70 physical. All three of those base card stats combine to form a pretty steady defender in-game given how close the stats are to each other.

  • KEY IN-GAME STATS: 91 jumping, 72 strength, 71 acceleration, 70 interceptions

What sticks out the most for Laborda is his 91 jumping and his power header trait, which can be key at both ends of the pitch as mentioned previously with Blackmon.

As we've seen at times in real life this season, Laborda can also play as a right back in the game.

With versatility and a good mix of defensive stats, the Uruguayan can be a good addition to your squad.

Brian White - ST - Silver - 69

Brian White continues to get the love from EA, as he's been upgraded once again this year from a 68 rated silver card to a 69 rated.

As he does in real life, White has received high attacking and defensive work rates. On the attacking side of the game, he'll work tirelessly to make runs in behind the opposing backlines with his 75 pace, 72 positioning, and 71 agility. Meanwhile, the defensive work rate will mimic the type of forward pressing we're used to seeing from him game-in, game-out.

  • KEY IN-GAME STATS: 75 stamina, 75 sprint speed, 74 strength, 73 finishing, 72 positioning, 71 agility

White possesses a well-balanced physical rating with his 74 strength, which can help muscle off defenders in the final third.

Add that physical in with the 73 finishing as well as the 79 jumping and White could be pulling off some similar headers to the ones he's produced for the 'Caps this season.

White has also received four star weak foot. Once strikers in FIFA have high rated weak foots, they can become more prolific in the final third since users of the game won't need to worry about shifting back to the players strong foot to have a shot at goal.

Sam Adekugbe - LB - Silver - 69

Entering the top five 'Caps ratings is Sam Adekugbe, who has a 69 rated rare silver card this year.

When you look at the card, the first stat that catches your eye is the 86 pace, which is one of the highest pace totals for an MLS left back in the game this year. But once you dissect the rest of the card, it can become pretty formidable as a wing back.

  • KEY IN-GAME STATS: 88 acceleration, 88 stamina, 87 agility, 77 balance, 74 strength

Along with his pace, Adekugbe has 70 dribbling, 61 defending, and 76 physical, which can be pretty useful if you're using him as a wing back.

The Canadian loves to get forward with his high attacking work rate, but will also provide defensive cover with his medium defensive work rate. Both are polished with a cherry on top in the form of his 88 stamina, which will see him stay at full fitness for the majority of matches.

Richie Laryea - RB - Silver - 71

Up next is Adekugbe's fellow Canadian Richie Laryea, who's been given the fourth-best rating on the 'Caps with a 71 rated rare silver card.

Laryea could be a popular option for Ultimate Team silver squad builders at the start of the game given all of his base card stats are between 61 and 83, with shooting being his lowest at 61 and pace being the highest at 83.

  • KEY IN-GAME STATS: 84 sprint speed, 83 stamina, 80 agility, 76 dribbling, 74 aggression, 70 shot power

His combination of pace, dribbling, and physical provides a great option at wing back or full back, as seen with the key in-game stats above. In addition to those, Laryea's been given four star weak foot and skill moves, which allow him to perform more advanced skills to deceive opponents across the pitch.

Laryea, like Schöpf and White, also has high work rates on both the attacking and defensive sides of the ball, making him an engine that'll chase the game wherever it goes. Not to mention he provides som versatility for your squad as well with the ability to play left back.

With the stats mentioned above, Laryea's card is sure to be a force to be reckoned with and could make for a frightening wing back tangent with Adekugbe if you pair them together in your starting lineup.

Yohei Takaoka - GK - Silver - 73

At number three this year for the 'Caps is Yohei Takaoka with a 73 rated rare silver card, making him the highest upgraded player on this list with a plus five from his previous card in FIFA 23.

Takaoka is tied for third-highest rating among MLS goalkeepers in the game, which could make him a highly sought-after card for Ultimate Team silver squads at the beginning of the game.

  • KEY IN-GAME STATS: 76 diving, 74 reflexes, 72 handling, 70 positioning

Ultimately, it's always hard to predict how efficient goalkeepers will play in-game but given Takaoka only has two base card stats below 70, it's worth trying him out and seeing how clutch he can come up for you in goal.

Andrés Cubas - CDM - Silver - 74

Keeping his rating from last year, Andrés Cubas' 74 rated rare silver card clocks in as the second-highest rating for the 'Caps.

Although his base card stats may not pop out as much, Cubas' card has several hidden gems to it, including his whopping 93 balance and 89 agility that allow him to be more agile than most silver cards when dribbling to create angles for passing lanes.

His 74 short passing and 70 long passing offer a pretty good range of ball movement, while his 86 stamina will keep him moving at both ends of the pitch

  • KEY IN-GAME STATS: 93 balance, 89 agility, 86 stamina, 81 aggression, 77 stand tackle, 74 reactions, 74 short passing

Similar to how he does on the real-life stage, Cubas is able to use his short frame to sneak in and win the ball back off opponents on the virtual pitch, thanks to his 81 aggression and 77 stand tackle. His 74 reactions and 74 composure also give him a higher chance at winning his tackles cleanly to prevent giving away a foul.

Cubas has received a medium attacking work rate and a high defensive work rate, which works very well when you have a midfielder staying back from the attack to help cover in front of your backline.

The Paraguayan's pace is also at a decent level compared to other defensive midfielders in the league, since he feels faster with the 89 agility he's been given.

With the stats above, it's clear to say Cubas' card is one of the best silver defensive midfielders in the game and can help make a difference in your midfield.

Ryan Gauld - CF - Gold - 76

Of course they were going to give him a gold card.

The highest rated 'Caps player on EAFC24 is none other than Ryan Gauld, who has gone up one rating from last year to a 76 rated gold card, making him a part of the top 24 MLS players in the game this year.

To put it simply, there's a lot to like about Gauld's card. From the dribbling to the passing and the shooting to the pace, this card has the potential to wreak havoc on opposing defences.

  • KEY IN-GAME STATS: 92 agility, 92 balance, 84 acceleration, 81 dribbling, 79 vision, 79 ball control, 79 curve, 78 crossing

The in-game stats shown above speak 'creative number 10' out loud, as he'll be able to dribble around opponents with his agility as well as his 84 pace and then find a line splitting pass or cross with the passing stats he possesses. Despite the rating, all of the stats above are very good for a 76 rated gold card.

Gauld also has four-star skill moves along with high attacking and high defending work rates, which make his card a force to be reckoned with.

Keep an eye out if Gauld gets an upgrade at any point in Ultimate Team this year, because if he does he'll be one of the best MLS-based cards in the game.

Be sure to pick up your copy of EAFC24 next Friday, September 29 to play with your favourite 'Caps players.