Whitecaps FC and BCIT Community Captains: Manveer Taggar

Whitecaps FC and BCIT are proud to present the Community Captains scholarship program. Manveer Taggar is one of five deserving high school students who have been awarded a $1,000 RESP to put towards their post-secondary education, as well as a Whitecaps FC match-day experience where they will be recognized for their achievement. 

Manveer Taggar, a recent grade 12 graduate from Surrey, has been playing soccer almost all of his life. As captain of his Central City Breakers U18 team, Manveer has not only learned a lot about the beautiful game, but also about himself.  

“As captain, you always have to lead the team,” said Taggar. “Whether that’s on or off the field, how you act, your behaviour, respect – all of that. I feel like the captain is just really important to the team’s success.”

Taggar is not only a captain on his soccer team – he is also a proven captain in his community. He acts as a youth director for SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere), a local organization that combats gang violence by educating and mentoring younger youth. 

“We realized that they are the next generation coming up and if we can stop it at the root of the problem, then the problem will be solved,” said Taggar.

Along with other SAVE volunteers, he organized events and public forums to raise awareness.
“We held really successful forums with a lot of important people and parents coming to be educated," said Taggar. "Sometimes, in Surrey especially, the parents don’t know what’s going on. Our goal is to educate everybody. We want them to learn how to prevent it and how we can slowly but surely stop all of the violence.”

Taggar plans to attend BCIT in the fall to study civil engineering and will use his $1,000 RESP to help pay his tuition.

As he begins a new chapter of his life, Taggar still feels as though there is so much more he can do to help his community. 

“Even though we live in a great country, there is always room to improve,” said Taggar. “I feel like as a Community Captain, that is all we should be striving towards – improving what’s around us and never settling.”

Wise words from a young Community Captain. 

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