McLeod reflects on Norway defeat

Okay, so I don't know if any of you watched the game but wow, we lost, but we played really well in the first half.“I don't think Norway was quite ready for what we brought, it's just too bad we couldn't keep it going throughout the entire game.As far as the atmosphere, Jan Erik Stinessen, our goalkeeping coach, told me one thing - "Enjoy this game, you have worked your whole life, sit back and enjoy this moment and believe in yourself"...and I tried to do exactly what he told me.While our national anthem played, I got pretty teary eyed at times...I don't know what it is, but around competition time, I am super emotional, and I'm normally emotional (like I cry watching every single Disney movie ever made).My mom sent me a bunch of pictures to pump me up for the game, so the night before I looked at them, they were of the family, some who are still with us, and some who aren't. Let me tell you about water works, it was a sight to see. Lots of people wrote in to say good luck and that they'd be watching. A lot of my university friends watched at crazy hours of the morning to see the game live.It's nice having so many wonderful people who care back home. Someone asked me if it was everything I thought it would be, without a doubt yes, but more. Even though we lost, there was something in the air, just an energy that was such a great feeling, and well, I can't wait to play Ghana tomorrow, as it should be a good match. We can't take anyone lightly at this point.Besides that, life is good. We leave Hangzhou soon and head to Chengdu, that's after the match. It's also supposed to rain, which will add a new dimension for the game for sure. Well, I need to rest up before the big match.Until next time.Erin McLeod