New baby boys for Whitecaps duo

Vancouver Whitecaps FC congratulate striker Jason Jordan and midfielder Alfredo Valente on the birth of their new baby boys. On Saturday evening, Jordan’s wife Julia gave birth to a six pound, 14-and-a-half ounce boy, while Valente’s wife Kristen gave birth to a six pound, 12 ounce child in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Though Saturday’s birth was his third boy, Jordan (pictured) admitted that no firm decision has yet been made on the name of his newborn. “We’re most likely going to call him Josh, but we’re not sure yet,” a happy Jordan told Though Jordan’s baby was late in arriving, the Richmond, BC, native was surprised at how quick his wife was able to give birth on Saturday. “It was due on December 10, but was born on the 15th,” he said. “It was interesting for me because it was a fast labour, and I’ve not been through one like that. With my first two kids, the birth process was longer. On Saturday, however, Julia’s contractions started a 7:15pm and the baby was born by 9pm, so everything moved quickly and intensely for her.” It has also been a very exciting time for Jordan’s teammate Valente after the midfielder experienced the birth of his first child this week. “It was a pretty long night, but it went really well,” Valente said. “My wife was fantastic through 13 to 14 hours of labour. It’s probably the best Christmas gift that both me and Kristen, and our two sets of families, have ever received. It’s also the first grandchild born into our two families, so it’s a pretty big deal right now.”