Dallas Cup - Day #9

Day #9 Hello all once again, hope your all in good form. Today was a good day, we recorded our first win against Leicester City, so the vibe in the group is a positive one. It was good to finish off the trip on a positive note, like Thomas said to us earlier, its going to be a lot easier to get on the plane now with a win under our belt. It was another windy day, on a pitch that made it difficult to keep the ball for long periods of time. But we seemed to make it work and we got two good goals from both Randy and Dever. After the game some of us went away with our parents, while the others went out to lunch and just hung out at the hotel. Antonio and Marcus are still star struck, they ate lunch in the same restaurant as Jessica Simpson, and got a couple pictures with her. I don't really have to go into how jealous the rest of us are.. Tomorrow morning we are going to try and catch the English Premier League games, Liverpool vs Manchester United and Chesea vs Arsenal...(can't get much better than that). Then we are scheduled to catch the Finals in our tournament between Tigres and Liverpool at Pizza Hut Park, should be an interesting game. I'm going to place my money on Liverpool though, maybe someone here will take me up on that. Happy Easter to all you Whitecaps fans, hope the Bunny was good to you all. Take care. Adam To view the latest news and features from the Whitecaps Residency's trip to Dallas Cup XXIX – including more tournament blogs from defender Adam Straith - please CLICK HERE.