The comfort zone -

By Gerry Dobson About the only thing worrying TFC coach John Carver these days is complacency. After all, at the best of times it’s normal for the mind to wander. When you know you're looking at a lengthy stretch without a game, and several days off, then it’s easy for the players' minds to drift to thoughts of laying around the house for a change, maybe playing a round of golf, or firing up the barbecue. They probably feel they will deserve a break after Thursday's game against New York. That will make it six games since March 29th. But Carver is adamant complacency will not be an issue. He's keeping everyone on their toes this week by having the reserves switch off with the regulars during game specific drills. He also has not yet informed them of their itinerary during the 16-day break. He did say this Tuesday morning: that he will continue to play his best 11 as far into the future as he can see. And that includes the upcoming Canada Cup matches. Speaking of which, expect a lightning bolt out of Vancouver any day now. There are rumours that BC Place will undergo a $100-million renovation, including a retractable roof, for the 2010 Olympics. It will be funded by tax-payer dollars of course. The cost however will be offset by the sale of some of the most valuable property in the country adjacent to the stadium. Of course Whitecaps owner Greg Kerfoot has been wanting to build his own stadium with his own money, but the idiots at City Hall in Vancouver are well....idiots. Where this leaves the Whitecaps stadium proposal is anyone's guess. But back to TFC. I spoke with Amado Guevara in English Tuesday. Apart from being shy and a little hard to understand, he was quite accommodating. He certainly wasn’t aloof or difficult. He's been great with us since the day he arrived. You can check out the interview in our video section. Finally, have you noticed that the Reds do not have a single injured player right now? How many teams can say that? Kudos to TFC strength and conditioning coach Paul Winsper.