Davies and NDP team offside on Whitecaps stadium - Vancouver Courier

To the editor: It's sad that NDP MP Libby Davies can't see past her protest signs to recognize the obvious benefits that her constituents could gain from the generosity of the Vancouver Whitecaps and their philanthropic owner Greg Kerfoot. Some of the most appealing things about the Whitecaps stadium proposal are the various community assets that might be included with it. These include things like an open-air public art space, a public walkway along the waterfront, free stadium use for civic events, jobs for Downtown Eastside residents and even a daycare centre. The Whitecaps are a first-class organization that understands the meaning of giving back to the community. They work tirelessly with kids in our schools, they help build soccer parks across the province (most recently in 100 Mile House), and they're even supporting Vancouver's Homeless World Cup soccer team. If Libby Davies plans to ride the coattails of controversy into the next election campaign, she's in for a shock. This stadium is something that an overwhelming majority of Vancouverites are crying out for, and they are baffled by the bureaucracy holding it up. Davies has made the NDP's position known, and her team is offside by a mile. It's time for our Liberal and Conservative MPs to lace up their boots, sort out the red tape and score one for the good guys. John Knox, Richmond © Vancouver Courier 2008