Hermus no stranger for Canada - Langley Times

Gary Ahuja Randee Hermus still recalls the rainy Saturday mornings, playing soccer for the Langley Rascals. Back then, it was Super Socco drinks and oranges at half-time. These days, Hermus, 28, is playing soccer with the Canadian women’s national team as they prepare for the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. “When I started playing more competitive soccer back in high school at Langley Secondary, I would never have thought that my dreams of becoming an Olympian would have come true over 10 years later,” she said. Hermus was one of 18 players nominated by head coach Evan Pellerud to the Canadian Olympic Committee for the women’s soccer team. Hermus has played for her country on more than 100 occasions. Each time is special. “You are representing not only yourself and your teammates, but your country. “Every time the national anthem plays, is another inspirational moment for me.” Her start in the game came from an active childhood. “When I was younger, my parents were both athletic,” Hermus explained. “Both my brothers and myself were involved in baseball, soccer, any sport possible through school. “I guess I just stuck with soccer because that is what I was best at.” Hermus is the middle child of parents John and Veronica. She has an older brother, Jerry, and a younger brother, Darcy. Following high school at Langley Secondary, Hermus went on to play at Simon Fraser University and then played professionally, first in Norway, and then with the Vancouver Whitecaps. She first represented Canada in 2000, at the Algarve Cup in Portugal. And over the next eight years, it has been a battle as Hermus looks to keep her hold on a roster spot with the squad. “I was never one of the top players but I was always a fighter,” she said. “I was driven internally and by the disbelief of others, who said I wasn’t good enough or wouldn’t make it.” Hermus credits her parents for helping her make it to where she is. “Their support along the way and not pressuring me to do anything,” she explained. “Their believing in me and allowing me to follow my own path has been really helpful. “They are sort of my inspiration and influence.”