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Brad Ziemer Vancouver Whitecaps midfielder Martin Nash spends his professional life chasing a ball around a soccer pitch. Off the field, he occasionally chases a smaller ball around a golf course. Nash talked recently with The Sun's Brad Ziemer about his game and his golf course battles with big brother Steve Nash: Q: How long have you been playing golf and when did you first get started? A: I played some pitch and putt with my dad and brother when I was a kid. When I was 13 or 14, it was only about $140 for a junior membership at Uplands in Victoria so me and a few friends were members there. We played almost every day all summer. Q: Have you been playing the game ever since? A: Yes, but not as much as I used to. Obviously, it's tough because we (the Whitecaps) are playing all summer but I still try to get out every chance I get. Q: You grew up in the Victoria area. Would Uplands be your favourite Victoria course? A: I love Royal Victoria. The holes down near the water are fantastic. It's not the most challenging when the wind is not up. But there are so many days when it is windy and your club selection can change by two or three clubs. It's such a beautiful course Q: Your soccer has taken you lots of different places, including England. Did you play much golf there? A: Unfortunately, I only had an opportunity to play a couple of rounds there and I can't even remember the names of the courses I played. I do remember they used to play a European Tour event at one of the courses near Manchester that I played. Q: What is the best golf course you have ever played? A: I still prefer Victoria over pretty much any course I have ever played. I played some nice ones in Phoenix and Bermuda, but I can't remember their names. I am terrible with names. Q: Tell us about your last round of golf of golf. Where was it, who did you play with and what did you shoot? A: I played in the Dominic Mobilio event, which was a charity scramble at Westwood Plateau. That's a very nice course, too. I think our team finished at minus six, which didn't win us any prizes. Q: What are the good and bad parts of your golf game? A: I struggle some times with my long irons. My putting is inconsistent. I'm probably most happy with my driving and chipping. I'm good around the greens and I have decent touch. Q: What's your all-time low round? A: I shot a 78 at Northlands in North Vancouver. Q: What other members of the Whitecaps are golfers? A: Geordie Lyall is a very good golfer. Freddie (Alfredo Valente) golfs a lot, but started late. Jeff Clarke golfs and is pretty good. Q: When did you last play with your brother Steve? A: We haven't played for a long time. The last time was probably when he was in Phoenix the first time. I played with Steve, Jason Kidd and Danny Ainge. I told them I couldn't afford their stakes. They were out of my league. Q: Does Steve play much golf? A: I don't think he plays much any more. He used to play a lot and was very good. But I think with how hard he has worked at his basketball game, he hasn't had the time to play much golf.
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