Quality cardio time in Kits pool helps relieve those rehab blues - The Province

Marc Weber The Province Whitecaps defender Geordie Lyall is on the mend after a season-long injury. But there's no rehabbing from a Q&A session with The Province's Marc Weber. Q: You're easing your way back into the lineup after missing the entire season. Put the year into words. A: It's been ridiculously frustrating. The back's been the root of all the injuries. It's feeling a lot better and hopefully it's going to continue to be all right. Q: Have you and Whitecaps physiotherapist Chris Franks just moved in together? A: [Laughs] It's funny. The one road trip I got to on, they put me in a room with Franksy. It was perfect to be able to wake up and get some ultrasound right away. First in line. Q: Have you had to pick up any hobbies to prevent madness setting in? A: I got a membership at Kits pool and was going every day at one point. It was a good way to keep the cardio going. Q: Did it give you a greater respect for Michael Phelps? A: Oh, my goodness. Swimming 130-something metres [one lap at Kits] -- ridiculous. I got through about 10 of those, that was my peak. Q: Have you wondered whether your body is trying to tell you something? A: I've obviously thought about that quite a bit. It's a different thought process right now. Am I trying to get healthy for just the rest of this season, or for a couple more seasons? Q: Any plans to give Europe another shot? [Lyall spent time with the Walsall FC reserves in 2006-07]. A: I think that'll be just plenty for my out-of-town experiences. What I have in Vancouver is great. It was fantastic to experience the British game. I sat on the bench [for the big club] three times and played at some amazing stadiums like Elland Road (home of Leeds United). Q: You're a substitute teacher in Victoria and played your university soccer at UVic. Tell us something we don't know about Bruce Wilson [Vikes head coach and 1986 World Cup player]. A: He's an amazing squash and tennis player. And he's an amazing quarterback in flag football. We have an annual New Year's football game over there. mweber@theprovince.com © The Vancouver Province 2008