Trafford's Diary #6 - Match One

Trafford's Tanzania Diary #6 - The Province BACK OF THE NET Match day is always a quiet day. Breakfast, sleep, lunch, sleep, leave for the game. This is pretty much the routine whenever we are on the road. Especially in this African heat, we were all trying to fuel up and reserve energy for what was surely going to be a hard test. All the boys have different pre-match routines. Personally, I like to be quiet in the hours leading up to the game I'm not a big iPod guy, I prefer to lie down and run through game situations in my head. I'll chat with my roommate Luca, maybe do some light stretching, and basically try to stay as relaxed as possible. If you’ve read the match report, you know the match did not go as planned. A 3-nil loss, Tyrell sent off in the second minute, and what I can only describe as a bizarre game in general was the result of the Whitecaps first ever game on African soil. CLICK HERE for complete Diary #6... For more on the Whitecaps historic trip to Tanzania, including videos and photos, visit the Whitecaps revamped FANZONE. More blog entries from Mason Trafford Diary #1 - Day before trip - Can't wait 'til tonight Diary #2 - At YVR - Onward and upward Diary #3 - First day in Dar es Salaam Diary #4 - Hot, Hot Heat Diary #5 - Can't wait for Yanga