City staff "unclear" on whether a waterfront soccer stadium proposal will come forward

A Vancouver city staff report says it's "unclear" if there will be another proposal for a soccer stadium on the waterfront. The document, which focuses on the central waterfront, noted that a previous proposal by Vancouver Whitecaps owner Greg Kerfoot was "unworkable due to conflicts with cruise ship operations and the difficulty in finding an alternative site for the SeaBus terminal". The Central Waterfront Hub Area comprises 8.9 hectares. There are three landowners: Port Metro Vancouver (Waterfront Road and areas to the north), Vancouver Whitecaps (CPR Railyard and 320 Granville Street), and Ontrea Inc. (Waterfront Station and Granville Square). The Whitecaps initially proposed a stadium north of the 300-block Water Street over the CPR Railyard. "The conclusion was that while the stadium was a highly desired amenity for the city, the proposed site was not feasible because of five fundamental issues," the staff report states. Kerfoot then approached Port Metro Vancouver about locating the stadium on the site of the SeaBus terminal, according to the report. That was nixed when an initial public and technical review heard concerns about the SeaBus station and the cruise-ship operations. "Since July 2007, the Whitecaps have been holding discussions with PMV over the potential to use part of the Central Waterfront Port Lands as an alternative site for the stadium," the report adds. "It is unclear at this time whether these discussions will result in another stadium proposal." The report goes to council's planning and environment committee on Thursday (June 11).