Nash Quick hits - The Province

BY MARC WEBER - a new addition?: Steve Nash made headlines two years ago when he expressed an interest in becoming an owner of Tottenham Hotspur, sitting down for a chat with chairman Daniel Levy. Nash's parents are both from the North London town and Steve's been a lifelong fan. Those plans are on hold for now, but Nash could well help the Whitecaps land Spurs for a friendly once the B.C. Place renovations are complete in 2011. "I think it could easily happen," he said. "Who knows what'll be the best option for the club [Vancouver] but we have a great relationship with Tottenham. It'd be a dream -- my two clubs." - A New addition, pt. ii?: Nash and fellow Vancouver MLS owner Jeff Mallett are both investors in Women's Professional Soccer, a league that launched this April in seven U.S. cities and expands to nine next season. Former W-League stars, like ex-Whitecap Christine Sinclair of Burnaby, are now in WPS where the average salary is $32,000 for seven months. "I think it'd be a great fit in Vancouver," said Nash. "We've got a great women's soccer community here and I think it's very natural." © Copyright (c) The Province