Nash works on Terry Fox film for TV - The Province

BY MARC WEBER Terry Fox inspired Steve Nash to become the thoughtful global citizen he is today. Now the NBA superstar from Victoria is working on a dream project that will bring Fox's story back to TV. Nash was in town this week shooting interviews for a Terry Fox documentary that will run as part of U.S. sports network ESPN's 30/30 series -- 30 hour-long films by 30 different people in celebration of the cable network's 30th anniversary. Filmmaker Spike Lee and Barbara Kopple of the Dixie Chicks are the biggest storytellers involved in the series, and all were asked to pick an event, person or story from the past 30 years that they have a personal connection with. "For someone who was six years old and woke up every morning to turn on the TV to find out where Terry was, it's been a dream to go back over, in detail, his story, his life and legacy," said Nash, who along with filmmaker cousin Ezra Holland has a production firm called Meathawk. Nash, a budding filmmaker, is involved at every level of the ESPN project and conducted all the interviews. The documentary is slated to run in April 2010. © Copyright (c) The Province