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A holiday carol from Whitecaps FC

Since this time of the year gets us feeling particularly festive,  we put together a special holiday poem for our fans. We like to celebrate the holidays Whitecaps style, so instead of bringing you any old holiday carol, we decided to put our own spin on it.

This Whitecaps FC rendition of “Twas the night before Christmas” was written by our own Marketing Manager, Ryan McKee, who developed his flo from years of listening to hip hop music. You know the Whitecaps players well, but it’s time to meet some of our wonderful front office staff. 

Please enjoy the holiday carol featuring:

Bob Lenarduzzi – President
Andy Price – Manager, Whitecaps Foundation
Gary Chung – Account Manager
Simon Fudge – Whitecaps Correspondent
Kim Jackman – Director, Marketing
Mike Spicer – Manager, Partnerships
Shaina Walker – Coordinator, Marketing
Nathan Vanstone – Manager, Media Relations & Broadcast Communications
Andrew Salgado – Account Manager
Carl Valentine – Soccer Ambassador
Adam Fritz – Manager, Partnerships
Rachel Lewis – Chief Operating Officer
Andrew Chobaniuk – Webmaster & Multimedia Specialist
Kristina Dyk – Manager, Partnership Activation
Nicole Gleason – Coordinator, Events
Wynford Owen – Accountant
Sareena Amarshi  - Account Manager
Aliza Amarshi – Sales Assistant
Lisa Modicaamore – Manager, Event Operations
Ryan Wolfer – Account Manager
Ryan McKee – Manager, Marketing