A bright future: A closer look at the Whitecaps FC U-14 Residency program

When Vancouver Whitecaps FC decided to expand their Residency program, a big reason was to get players into the program at a much earlier age. This enables them to be in a professional program, and be challenged by players at the same level every day and with the same focus.

Having these young players training full-time with Whitecaps FC puts them in a professional environment and makes sure they establish good training habits. It is certainly a full week for the young hopefuls, as they have to juggle their school work, as well as four sessions-a-week and a game on Sunday.

The goal of the Residency program is to develop these players for the men’s first team, and if there is a diamond in the rough, then we could be looking at a world-class player that can go on to represent Canada. Whitecaps FC have made a huge commitment to developing their own players for Major League Soccer, and the talent that the club have in this U-14 group has everybody excited.