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'Caps and Staches: Growing donations and 'staches in Week 4

Over the last week of Movember, both Vancouver Whitecaps FC and their supporters have increased their total donations. Whitecaps FC have a total of $4,760 raised and their fans are not far behind with $4,164, which gives them a combined total of $8,924!

The two groups are sitting third and fourth in Major League Soccer Movember rankings and all of the fans and team members should be more than proud of their accomplishments over this past month.

Globally speaking, Canadians also have a lot to be proud of, ranking first overall in the world with over $30 million raised – that’s almost a dollar per Canadian! Last year, Canada raised $22.3 million during Movember, which means they increased by a third this past year. In 2009, Canada raised $7.8 million for Prostate Cancer Canada, and have increased on average by $10 million-per-year since then.

Worldwide fundraising for prostate cancer research has been equally astounding. From 2004 (Movember’s inception) to 2009, Movember raised $100 million for prostate cancer research. However, to give some perspective on how much Movember has grown in the last seven years, the world total is approaching $85 million for this month alone – an incredible growth rate to say the least!

So to those of you that grew a moustache or donated to one, feel good in knowing that you helped to fund the eventual cure for prostate cancer, which is the most common cancer among Canadian men.

If you haven't yet, there's still 2 days remaining - so be sure to get your donation in before Movember ends!