'Caps in Ghana

Whitecaps FC donate gear to Chiropractic for the World Foundation

Vancouver Whitecaps FC recently donated the club's old jerseys, shorts and socks to Dr. Scott Cooley, who went with a group of chiropractors to Ghana to give free chiropractic treatments. This historic trip took place from January 27 to February 9.

The group of 11 doctors travelled 2700 km around the African nation, where they gave treatments and took care of over 1000 people. These doctors are part of the Chiropractic for the World Foundation. The foundation - which built an elementary school in Ghana - focuses on free chiropractic treatments for citizens around Africa.

“It was a fantastic experience for all involved,” stated Dr. Cooley. “Their faces just light up with excitement and you can see the gratitude.”

The foundation provides a holistic approach to healthcare. They believe it’s important to not only provide medical care to patients, but to also give the citizens of Africa the tools they need to provide medical care to each other so when the doctors leave the citizens can care for each other. The donation of kits was given to the local elementary school that the foundation helped build.

“The kids were so grateful to receive new gear, as they had never had soccer jerseys before at the school,” stated Dr. Cooley “This experience was a life altering one.”

To learn more about this amazing trip and to find out more about the Chiropractic for the World Foundation, go to chiropracticfortheworld.org.