World Harmony Run

World Harmony Run

Whitecaps FC were on hand, yesterday at Terry Fox Plaza to receive the Torch-Bearer award from the World Harmony Run. The 'Caps were chosen by the World Harmony Run organization to receive the award because of the club’s goal to promote soccer and healthy living in the lower mainland. Soccer is a global game and world peace is something we all want to achieve. With these two ideas being coupled, anything can be achieved.

The goal of the run is to promote harmony and world peace. The torch acts as a beacon for people all over the world as a sign of hopefully someday achieving world peace. The flame was brought to the ceremony at Terry Fox plaza by 20 school children from Vancouver Montessori School who braved the elements to help promote world peace and harmony.

Goalkeeper Brad Knighton, U-18 Residency player Jason van Blerk, Girls Elite prospects Lucille Kozlov and Kayla Klim and Club Ambassador Carl Valentine were on hand to receive this distinguished honour.

Make sure to check out the video of yesterday’s exciting events: