The game is growing

Today is a historic day, perhaps even more than we can appreciate right now.

This major announcement of the National Soccer Development Centre (NSDC) at the University of British Columbia (UBC) is what Vancouver Whitecaps FC have been waiting to have built for years, and what a difference it’s going to make to our club!

In this partnership between Whitecaps FC, the Government of British Columbia, and UBC, we have something here that will benefit all levels of the game, from youth to professional.

We now have a place to call home, a place that will house our men’s and women’s teams, as well as our Residency, Girls Elite, and other youth development programs.

It starts at the top

Our ownership team have lofty goals for this club and for the sport of soccer, and there has been a need for first-class facilities for some time.

Now, with a proper training centre, Whitecaps FC look to move to the next level as we try to establish ourselves as one of the very best soccer clubs in North America.

Having grass and turf fields and a state-of the-art fieldhouse is going to open many doors on numerous fronts for the game of soccer here.

Our owners have already invested greatly in our Residency and youth programs, so it will be great for our Whitecaps FC youth players – and other BC Soccer players – to be at the same fields as our first team players and to be able to watch them more closely as they try to realize their own dreams of becoming pro players.

Attracting the best

With top facilities we will finally have a firm attraction for top talent to train in Vancouver.

The NSDC will provide a place on the West Coast for Canada’s men’s, women’s, and youth national teams.

We will also be able to attract the top teams from around the world, instead of having to travel to see them. We have seen the likes of Manchester United, Roma, and Benfica come to Vancouver in the past and now we can look forward to again seeing the very best teams here in our home city.

These are exciting times for the club. We’re in the midst of a heart-pounding playoff race and we’re pumped to have four home matches on the trot and an electric atmosphere created by our fans.

And now we can look forward to moving into a new training home as we enter into another chapter of this club’s proud history.

The game is growing, and the ‘Caps are more than happy to help plant the seeds.