Game day

If, by now, you are getting tired of hearing about my kids, I get it. But, no matter how many times in a single day I’m tempted to scream, I still think they’re the best and their bums the cutest. Plus, they consume about 97% of my time, so what else would I write about? So, bear with me. I’ll get to soccer in a second… 

I had a girl first, so I didn’t know any different. I just figured her playful, energetic, on-the-go personality was normal. Not that she’s abnormal, but I know little girls who will sit still and read books for hours. Ha! Not mine. She’s not a boy, but she sure can keep up with the best of them. She wears me out, but that aspect of who she is is one of the things that I love the most about her. 

I thought that maybe because I had a girl with a boy’s disposition when it comes to sitting still, maybe my boy will be calm. Quiet. Gentle. Most of all, maybe he won’t be non-stop. Maybe he’ll give me a break every once in awhile. No such luck. While our Theo is most definitely sensitive, he gives Evelyn a run for her money. The kid is a little daredevil.

Essentially, I’ve got two monkeys on my hands. 

This makes game day interesting. 

It’s really all about timing. Those 8 p.m. games? Forget it. Half of the moms won’t even try. We want to be supportive WAGS, but in all honesty, will our attendance, accompanied by tired, cranky kids wearing our patience thin, affect the result? Hardly. If anything, the game will go smoother since our kids won’t be around to annoy the nearby fans. We are, after all, indebted to the fans. Our husbands wouldn’t have jobs and we wouldn’t be able to feed those screaming kids if the fans didn’t care enough, so the least we can do is let them watch in peace. Besides, those few precious hours after bedtime are hard to compete with. Fans watch in peace, mommy watches from the couch, everyone wins. And we always hope for a home win. 

But say we do luck out and get a 4 p.m. game. Everyone is fresh and just up from naps. The game occupies the whole afternoon, so it’s straight home and straight to bed, which, if you’re a mom and you’re honest, it’s your favorite part of the day. The afternoon is looking great, until every mom shows up with every kid in tow at the same time, and we realize we’ve now got a circus on our hands. Popcorn is flying, someone is crying, Theo fell down the stairs again, we’re screaming to say hello, God forbid the crowd goes wild - it’ll send at least two babies into hysterics, and our awesome suite host gets stuck with babysitting duties. It can get a little out of control sometimes, but that’s life with kids, eh? 

Game day can be crazy and exhausting, but one thing it never is – boring. At the end of the day, we love game day, screaming kids and all. And we love it even more when it ends with a big win.