Which 'Caps players are in your Fantasy League lineup?

Having a hard time choosing which 'Caps players to pick for your Fantasy team? Of course, it would make things easier if we could just pick the entire Whitecaps squad, but considering we'd all opt for that where would be the fun in a league wide tie for 1st place every week? Besides, Fantasy Manager only allows for up to three members from one MLS team per squad, so in the words of Whitecaps Yoda, "Choose wisely you must."
If you haven't already done so, be sure to follow the directions on how to sign up for the Official Whitecaps Fantasy League HERE.
Turns out the Canadian mint has begun to phase out the penny, so I thought I'd offer my two cents while it still holds some currency. To help ease your guilt of not being able to pick solely 'Caps players I've highlighted a few key points you should definitely take into consideration when putting together your squad.
1. Darren Mattocks, $9.0m – Mattocks may be the most expensive player on the team, but for good reason. The striker is poised for a breakout year, and if you don't pick him up now I guarantee you'll be kicking yourself down the road when his stock rises. But you don't have to take my word for it, Mattocks himself claims he'll score over 20 goals this season and I for one, don't doubt him.
2. Any 'Caps Defenders/Goalkeepers – Last year the team set a record for the longest shutout streak to start an MLS season, and if you were smart or lucky enough to have had some members of the 'Caps defence in your lineup then you hit the jackpot. This year the back line is looking stalwart as ever and include some of the biggest bargains to be had in the league. Y.P. Lee is a prime example having played the most minutes while also racking up the most amount of Fantasy League points on the team last season (158), yet still coming in at only $6.0m.
3. Daigo Kobayashi, $7.5m – I have only one question for you… have you seen Daigo's preseason goal yet? (http://ow.ly/hUnYQ  1:12 minute mark). MLS analysts are already predicting that Kobayashi could provide the type of creative spark in the centre of the pitch that would rank him as a top 15 midfielder. If his preseason form is any indication then pick him up early, before his stock rises to as high as Brad Davis ($9.0m), Graham Zusi ($9.5m) and Landon Donovan ($10.0m).
Truth be told, you really can't go wrong putting a few of the 'Caps players in your lineup. But keep in mind that Round 3 is a bye week for the Blue & White, so you may want to hold off picking up the maximum 3 Whitecaps players until after then or else they'll all be riding the pine that week.