Edmonton Keys to the Game

Carl's Keys to the 2nd leg vs. FC Edmonton

Mental strength

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We are at home, we have a 3-2 lead from the game in Edmonton, and we are considered to be the better team. So what can go wrong?

Well that’s why the game is played on the field and not on paper. If you follow sports of any kind then you know that huge upsets made by lower level teams happen all the time. Never underestimate the ability of these underdog teams raising their level of play and doing the unthinkable.

If both teams play their absolute best soccer, you would expect the ‘Caps to come victorious most, if not all, of the time. But this is cup play, and now it comes down to this one game.

Though our ‘Caps hold all the cards, they will need to put that behind them and be mentally prepared for a hard game. They must have the mentality that only their best performance will get the job done.

Chance to shine

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With this being the fourth game in 11 days, with much travel included, Martin Rennie will have to juggle his squad.

This will give some opportunities to players that have been on the fringe of the starting lineup early in the season. This will be their chance to impress the coaching staff and stake a claim to the starting eleven, or to be consistently in the 18-man match day roster.

These players should be even hungrier than the Edmonton players and should bring a freshness and energy to our game that could put the visitors on their back foot. The players have trained hard and waited patiently for chances like this and they have to take advantage of this opportunity to shine.


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One of the things the ‘Caps will have to do on Wednesday is earn the right to play. To do that they will have to be ready to battle Edmonton right from the opening whistle.

The players have to go out with the mentality to win all the little battles all over the field. A team coached by Colin Miller will not roll over and quit and I see them trying to disrupt our play, keep the game close, and hope that the ‘Caps and the crowd get frustrated and start making mistakes.

Cup games are made for upsets and if we don’t want to be one of them we have to come ready to work and play in an ugly game. Then if things go well, we could win playing the soccer our fans desire. But we have to earn the right to play first.