Fantasy Forecast: Round 23

Used your wildcard Yet?
How was your last week? Was it a lackluster result or did you reap the rewards of the two game round? Perhaps you're so happy that you're still holding on to that wildcard and you're making small transfer adjustments to fill out your roster?
Well regardless of the result/plan there are three weeks remaining to use your second wildcard so choose your moment wisely.
As for us, we know what we're doing! We've opted to use our wildcard in the final week (Round 25) and will be stacking our team with double game players from Round 27. That should maximize the price increase with the ability of jumping the gun, sightly early.
This week we focus on two players who are not widely owned in order to help you play catch up.
Obefemi Martins ($9.0m), Seattle Sounders – A gut pick this week, Martins is our a guy. Facing a weak Chivas USA team at Seattle this weekend. Seattle needs to get their act together sooner rather than later or they won't be in the playoffs this year and injuries are not a valid excuse for this club as their depth is one often best in the league. 
Luis Silva ($7.1m), D.C. United – It's rare that we select a D.C. United player but in the grand scheme of things of playing catch up, risks and rewards need to be calculated. When DC United proclaimed they will be building around their newly acquired talent in Silva, people were skeptical. Perhaps this is exactly what Silva needed. Fresh off a goal this past weekend, Luis is not just playing with confidence but determination. He's out to prove everyone wrong, including his former employers Toronto FC.
Team of the week (Round 23), Vancouver Whitecaps  – Who isn't talking about the Whitecaps these days? At their home fortress again, they look to extend their unbeaten record. Many wondered if the Caps' would struggle without their young spark Russel Teibert ($5.3m), two wins and 1 draw later he's back for his first home match since leaving on international duty. At his price and with his consistency adding him back to your squad is a no-brainer.
Brad Knighton ($5.0m) or David Ousted ($4.5m) hard to say which keeper gets the start here. With the Caps' trading for Ousted, it's not a stretch to think Knighton drops to #2 after the slight hiccup in Los Angeles. Nevertheless keep an eye on these two but don't jump the gun just yet, if Ousted becomes the #1 at $4.5m it would be a potential steal.
Camilo ($9.2m) the magician, can't stop scoring. 11 tallies in his last 10 games, he's chasing down Columbus forward Federico Higuaín ($9.7m) for top spot in the fantasy league. Camilo is our captain this week and we anticipate many others will follow suit.