Fantasy Forecast: Are the heavy hitters back?


Ride the wave

If you're not with the crowd, you're being left behind. As every fantasy season starts off, there are the "cheapies" and when those players perform... they run and they run hard. If you're not on the Remick ($4.5M) bandwagon like the other 45% of us, then you just haven't been paying much attention early on. He's a must have and his stock doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon. With the new system of additional players, managers having purchased him at such a cheap cost, they'll be really reluctant to sell him, even if he loses some playing time.

My oh Mikey, where are you?

If you're anything like me, you've been burned by 2013 MLS MVP Mike Magee ($10.3M), and maybe twice over with a captaincy. Is it time to say goodbye? Absolutely not. The next four weeks for Chicago Fire are extremely favourable. They play the bottom three teams in the East, so if Magee is going to get it together at ALL this season, it will be this time frame.

Chicago Fire face D.C. United, Philadelphia Union, Montreal Impact, and New England Revolution – and the standings show these four teams have combined for a dismal five goals for. You have to like those odds for Chicago's back end. Unfortunately that will cost you $8.0M as Soumare and Hurtado are both on the expensive end. While it might not be something you're exactly salivating over this week, it's definitely something to consider and keep a close eye on if you want to gamble and differentiate from your Fantasy brothers.

Jeepers keepers!

Am I seeing this right? Seattle Sounders FC starting goalkeeper Stefan Frei is $5.2M ? If you're looking to pinch your pennies to bolster your attacking force, then look no further than Frei. The Sounders have a lot to prove this year, as they were very disappointed with the way last season ended.

When can we go back to Disneyland, Dad?

I don't know about you but I have a big hole in my team. The lack of Landon Donovan and Robbie Keane just doesn't feel right. With the Galaxy on two byes in the first four weeks of the season, it didn't make sense to purchase, sell, and then repurchase at a later date. Even though they have a third bye approaching for Week 8, we're going to find it near impossible to not jump back on the Galaxy train when they face Chivas USA the following week.

Where are the old big boys?

Fed up of just adding every player who's getting a boat load of points early on in the season? Don't want to be a sheep anymore? Well let’s take a look at some players who will certainly turn it around soon. Getting on them early and beating the rest of the managers to the punch could mean a nice change of direction for your Fantasy team.

Marco Di Vaio ($10.5M): After a three-match suspension he's ready to return to the field, and Montreal couldn't ask for him sooner. The Impact have struggled to score goals and while Di Vaio might need time to mesh with his teammates again, let’s not forget 20 goals in just 27 games last year. We'll be looking to add him soon.

Brad Davis ($10.8M): Ok, so a player has lost $0.2M value thanks to a bye but has averaged six points per game for the first two weeks? Yes, it is frustrating that the Dynamo have scored five goals with Davis yet to get on the scoresheet whatsoever, but with an average of four key passes in those games, it's only a matter of time that the American contributes. 

Good luck Fantasy players!